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Two-time winner Rachel Robinson hasn’t competed on The Challenge in a decade. However, spoiler accounts have named her as a potential competitor in spinoff All Stars 4. The Duel 2 winner recently acknowledged the rumors during a live episode of the Challenge Mania podcast.

Rachel Robinson addresses rumors she’s returning for ‘The Challenge: All Stars 4’

According to spoiler accounts, casting for spinoff The Challenge: All Stars is in its last stages, and filming is set to begin soon.

Reports have named former champs Derrick Kosinski, Nehemiah Clark, Veronica Portillo, and Rachel Robinson as likely competitors, but the official cast list isn’t set yet as filming hasn’t begun. As rumors have started to swirl, Rachel acknowledged reports listing her as a possible All Star player.

During a panel at the Challenge Mania podcast episode that took place live in Miami, Florida, she admitted cast members usually begin to feel the itch to compete again at some point after taking a break from the long-running competitive franchise.

According to the Road Rules star, she has a connection to the show and its followers and wants to make the viewers happy. Additionally, the two-time champ doted on the All Stars franchise, pointing out the OG competitors, notably those who competed before TJ Lavin began hosting in 2005’s The Gauntlet 2, feel a “sense of ownership.”

Sarah Rice confirmed she initially planned to compete in ‘All Stars 4’

When rumors first began swirling about the upcoming franchise, spoiler account GamerVev claimed that multiple “iconic personalities” viewers would want to see compete again, including former champions Sarah Rice, Susie Meister, Ashley Mitchell, Julie Stoffer, and veterans Shane Landrum, Marie Roda, Marlon Williams, and Dustin Zito accepted the call to compete but have since gotten dropped from the final cast.

Sarah, who notably won Battle of the Exes 3 alongside Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio but walked away empty-handed when he kept the cash prize for himself, confirmed the news in a TikTok video.

After previously claiming she wouldn’t return to the MTV competitive franchise again, the Real World star said she agreed to join All Stars 4 if Susie participated as well.

Even though it appears as though the producers initially agreed, Sarah claimed they later refused to tell her the cast. As a result, the California native opted out of the spinoff series.

Rachel Robinson hasn’t competed in ‘The Challenge’ since 2012

In 2002, Rachel made her reality TV debut in Road Rules: Campus Crawl before competing in The Challenge: Battle of the Sexes as a rookie.

Following a short-lived debut, she returned for The Gauntlet, where she remained safe the entire season and won, taking home $25,555.


‘The Challenge: All Stars 4’: Sarah Rice, Susie Meister, and Norman Korpi Reportedly Cut From the Cast

After another forgettable performance in Battle of the Sexes 2, Rachel came back for The Inferno 2 as part of Team Bad Asses, where she came up short in the finals. She then had her best performance in The Duel 2, after a quick elimination in The Island, as she won four daily missions on her way to securing the victory and $100,000.

She most recently appeared in 2012’s Battle of the Exes alongside Aneesa Ferreira, where the two won an elimination before their exit in episode 6. Rachel has remained active in The Challenge community as she recently hosted a workout series on the official YouTube page and appeared in the docuseries The Challenge: Untold History.