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Big Brother alum and The Challenge champ Amber Borzotra announced she and her boyfriend, Chauncey Palmer, are expecting their first child together.

Amber Borzotra announced her pregnancy with her first child

After a forgettable performance in The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies, Amber Borzotra returned for Ride or Dies alongside boyfriend Chauncey Palmer.

The pair won their first elimination together but lost the second, resulting in their exit by episode 15. A few days after the January 2023 episode aired, Amber announced her pregnancy with her first child on social media with a picture showcasing her bump, captioning the photo, “call me mama because I’m having a baby!”

Several castmates congratulated the former champ, including two-time winner Ashley Mitchell, alum Da’Vonne Rogers, veteran Aneesa Ferreira, alum Amanda Garcia, veteran Tori Deal, and rookies Tommy Bracco, Nurys Mateo, and Moriah Jadea.

Her boyfriend Chauncey reposted her announcement on Twitter, adding, “we lit,” with the fingers crossed, fire, and heart emojis.

Chauncey Palmer previously said ‘The Challenge’ brought him and Amber closer together

Following their first elimination win in episode 7, Chauncey appeared on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast, where he detailed his relationship with Amber. According to the rookie, the pair met on social media when she began following him and “liking” her pictures on Instagram, which caught his attention. Therefore, he reached out to her, hoping they could work together.

Chauncey said the two met in his hometown of Boston, Massachusetts, where they collaborated before beginning a relationship in August 2021. The couple started dating and then relocated to Los Angeles, where they moved in with each other.

Even though he wasn’t that familiar with the longstanding competition reality TV show, Chauncey considered it a great opportunity. However, he wanted to ensure Amber was OK first, as she had a difficult time in the house during Spies, Lies, and Allies. Regardless, the Double Agents champ wanted him to get the exposure of appearing on the TV show, so she agreed.

Although they didn’t have the best time this time around again, Chauncey noted it was worth it because it brought them together as a couple. He pointed out that the couple is living with each other without their phones and real life to distract them, forcing them to get to know each other better and communicate. Additionally, the rookie thinks the experience confirmed that Amber is his person. Co-host Devyn Simone joked about an upcoming wedding, and Chauncey teased, “it’s in the works.”

Amber was the first ‘Big Brother’ alum to win a season of ‘The Challenge’

In 2014, Amber briefly competed in Big Brother 16 before making her debut on The Challenge seven years later for Double Agents.

Partnered with four-time champ Darrell Taylor for most of the competition, she navigated her way to the end after his elimination. She made it to the finals and teamed up with legend CT Tamburello.


‘The Challenge’: Amber Admits She ‘Checked out’ of Season 38 Due to Unexpected Death

The reality TV star won alongside him, becoming the first Big Brother competitor to win the MTV competitive series. The Tennessee native returned for Spies, Lies, and Allies, where she didn’t have the same luck and failed to work herself into a successful alliance.

She most recently competed alongside Chauncey in Ride or Dies, where they were eliminated shortly before the finals. Season 38 will probably mark her last season for a while as she raises her baby. The Challenge airs Wednesdays on MTV.