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The Challenge rookie Chauncey Palmer quit a heights-related daily due to his fear. However, he wasn’t penalized and protected anyway because teammate Fessy Shafaat took home the victory for their group. Following the episode, Chauncey took to Twitter, where he admitted he thought he had an anxiety attack before his choice to quit the challenge.

Chauncey Palmer thinks he had an anxiety attack before ‘The Challenge 38’ daily

During The Challenge 38 Episode 14, the teams had to face off in a heights challenge in which competitors were harnessed hundreds of feet above the ground and had to navigate a series of obstacles on a balance beam in pairs.

Rookie Chauncey Palmer, who entered the season teamed up with his girlfriend and Double Agents winner Amber Borzotra, teamed up with Aneesa Ferreira but decided to quit as he couldn’t face his fear. Regardless of his choice not to compete, Fessy Shafaat pulled out the win for their team, protecting Chauncey from elimination.

Following the episode, the newcomer discussed his experience on Twitter. Quote tweeting the official Challenge’s account, he explained that his team got into his head by joking that he and Aneesa would fall.

As Chauncey had his own anxiety about conquering his fear, he felt it “took me out mentally.” Even though the rookie claimed he doesn’t usually quit, the newcomer admitted he felt he had an anxiety attack at that moment. Some followers thought he should’ve gotten penalized for not competing and Chauncey admittedly agreed, noting he told his team he planned to take any repercussions.

Chauncey says his time in the house with Amber Borzotra brought them closer together

During Chauncey’s appearance on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast, he explained he noticed Amber when she followed him on social media and began “liking” his pictures.

Therefore, the influencer reached out to her to work together. After meeting in his then-hometown of Boston, Massachusetts, the couple began dating in August 2021.

While Chauncey wanted to compete on the show once they got the invitation, he wanted to make sure Amber was passionate about returning, as she’s had a tough couple of seasons.

Regardless, she wanted him to get exposure from appearing on the reality TV show, so the former champ agreed to come back. Chauncey noticed the couple has become closer as they’ve spent a lot of time together without distractions in the house.

Chauncey and Amber have won an elimination together

The couple began the season under the radar, even though they were aligned with Jay Starrett and Michele Fitzgerald, who quickly became house targets.

They avoided nominations until episode 7 when Nelson Thomas and Nurys sent them directly into elimination.


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A few episodes later, Amber again found herself up for elimination and wasn’t saved, despite her multiple deals for protection.

Regardless, she pulled out the win, giving her an impressive 5-1 elimination record. The rookie has avoided elimination due to Chauncey’s position on a more powerful team. The Challenge 38 airs on Wednesdays.