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Four-time The Challenge champ Darrell Taylor hasn’t competed with rookie teammates much in his two-decade career. However, when he does, they’ve gone on to become champions. Will Australia’s Kiki Morris continue the tradition?

Cara Maria Sorbello became a champion after partnering with Darrell Taylor

Out of the 10 seasons in The Challenge flagship and three seasons of spinoff All Stars, four-time champ Darrell Taylor has only worked with a partner a handful of times.

After winning back-to-back seasons with Team Road Rules, he notched his third win as part of Team Good Guys. During his fourth season, the California native partnered with newcomer Aviv Melmed where he secured another victory.

Following a disqualification from The Ruins, Darrell returned for Fresh Meat 2 and teamed up with Cara Maria Sorbello. Even though they were the first team eliminated, she went on one of the best runs in franchise history. Cara Maria returned for Cutthroat and Rivals, placing second in both.

After finishing in the finals a third time, she won her eighth season, Battle of the Bloodlines. Since her first win, the Massachusetts native returned six more times, finishing in the finals five times and winning one. Her Vendettas victory made her the first sole winner of a season.

Amber Borzotra also won after teaming up with Darrell

After Cara Maria, the four-time champ next competed as a duo in Double Agents with rookie Amber Borzortra.

They played well together and stayed under the radar, winning a daily mission and elimination.

Following his elimination shortly before the finals, Amber went on to team up with former winner CT Tamburello, as suggested by Darrell, and the new duo won the season.

The victory made her the first Big Brother alum to win a season of The Challenge and established her presence in the house. She has since returned twice and hasn’t repeated the success yet.

Darrell is currently partnered with Kiki Morris in ‘The Challenge: World Championship’

In the spinoff World Championship, the winner of The Challenge: Australia, Kiki Morris, picked Darrell as her teammate. They’ve remained true to his usual gameplay of not stirring the pot but will have to get their hands dirty due to a stalemate.

As part of the house wanted to throw in Emily Seebohm and Yes Duffy to face challenge loser’s Wes Bergmann and Zara Zoffany. However, the other half tried to get Jordan Wiseley and Kaz Crossley was thrown into elimination.


‘The Challenge’: Kiki Responds to Grant’s ‘Airhead’ Comments About Her, Says It Was Part of Her Strategy

As a result, the power lies in Kiki and Darrell’s hands, who can choose any team they want. Kiki discovered that Australian allies Grant Crapp and Emily inadvertently blindsided her into the first elimination and wanted revenge. But it seems Darrell doesn’t want to rock the boat yet.

As Kiki won The Challenge: Australia and showed that she could measure up to the global talent by winning a daily and elimination by episode 5, the reality star can continue Darrell’s tradition of turning his partners into champions.

The Challenge: World Championship airs Wednesdays on Paramount+.