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Reality TV star Da’Vonne Rogers was tapped to return for her third season of The Challenge alongside veteran Josh Martinez before dropping out at the last minute. She recently revealed what happened and detailed her friendship with the Big Brother winner.

Da’Vonne Rogers reveals why she didn’t return for ‘The Challenge: Ride or Dies’

At a live taping of the Challenge Mania podcast, veteran Josh Martinez revealed he initially planned to compete on The Challenge 38: Ride or Dies alongside alum Da’Vonne Rogers.

However, it didn’t work out because she dropped out shortly before filming. During his appearance on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast, which Da’Vonne co-hosts, she set the record straight. According to the two-time competitor, her doctor didn’t medically clear her to compete on the intense reality show.

Da’Vonne explained she had an especially severe case of fibrous dysplasia, a chronic disorder she developed after giving birth to her daughter, preventing her from competing.

If she had gotten the green light, the Big Brother star said she and Josh would have participated in this season as a “ride or die” pair. He agreed, adding that the two were paired from the start. Additionally, he believes they would’ve done well this season, possibly making it to their first finals together.

Josh Martinez and Da’Vonne detailed their friendship

When asked about their close relationship, Da’Vonne explained it began in 2017 when Josh won Big Brother 19. She recalled attending his finale and giving him a tight hug following his victory, where she felt instantly connected to the Miami native.

According to the reality star, they solidified their bond during a trip to Vegas, where she began to view him as a little brother. Josh gave his side, noting he tried out for BB18 but got cut at the semi-finals.

Regardless, he watched the season and became a fan of Da’Vonne Rogers and houseguest Victor Arroyo as he also felt a connection to them. Therefore, he auditioned again, ultimately making it into the house for the following season.

After his historic victory, Josh recalled not getting support from many BB alums except Da’Vonne. Additionally, he noted she protected him during his rookie season of The Challenge. She reiterated their longstanding friendship and added that he was her first choice to compete with when approached for Ride or Dies.

Da’Vonne hasn’t competed in ‘The Challenge’ since 2019

In an April 2022 interview with Pop Culture, Da’Vonne swore never to compete in another season of Big Brother but admitted she felt an “itch” to return to The Challenge.

The reality star made her debut in 2018 on Final Reckoning with former houseguest Jozea Flores as the two had beef from their season of BB.


‘The Challenge’ Star Da’Vonne Rogers Is Open to a Return: ‘Got a Little Itch’

However, they worked well together after becoming the first two eliminated as the duo went on to win two redemption battles, earning their way back into the game twice before getting knocked out entirely.

The popular competitor returned for War of the Worlds and teamed up with UK rookie Stephen Bear where she put forth another decent showing, winning three elimination rounds. However, she was eliminated shortly before getting the chance to perform in the finals. Following her two seasons, Da’Vonne has appeared on Ex on the Beach, competed in her third season of Big Brother, and currently serves as a co-host for the podcast. The Challenge airs Wednesday on MTV.