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The Challenge champ Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio, believes that the format for Ride or Dies “disincentives” winning dailies as the power couple has to nominate four teams, seemingly admitting to throwing challenges. He and partner Nany González appeared to give up during the mini-final, annoying some fans, including castmate Fessy Shafaat, who thinks it “screams entitlement.”

Nany González and Johnny’ Bananas’ Devenanzio appeared to give up on a daily

Exes and close friends Nany González and Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio returned as a “ride or die” pair for The Challenge Season 38.

Her mom recently died, and Bananas wanted to help his longtime ally secure her first victory. After the first elimination, the team entered the game and won the next daily challenge. After starting hot, they’ve since cooled down as they haven’t gotten into power yet and found themselves nominated for elimination twice.

Therefore, it appears the two need to win a daily. However, they haven’t gotten on the same page and frequently argue during challenges as Nany feels her partner isn’t taking it seriously.

During episode 9, the competitors faced off in the mini-finals. The experienced duo couldn’t figure out a puzzle and essentially gave up as Bananas lay on the ground, and the two began joking around. As he pulled her around on a board, Nany insisted to the cameras that they cared about the competition. However, it bothered some fans, including MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast hosts.

Fessy Shafaat thinks Nany and Bananas giving up ‘screams entitlement

After the episode aired, Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat stopped by the show’s official podcast to discuss it. Host and alum Da’Vonne Rogers asked for his thoughts about Nany and Bananas’ choice to presumably give up on the daily.

Fessy admitted he thought it showed their “entitlement” because several people would like the opportunity to compete and would “bust their ass.” Therefore, it appears that the veterans are taking the opportunity “for granted.”

However, co-host Aneesa Ferreira, also participating in season 38, pointed out the pair likely wouldn’t have completed that puzzle, and alum Devyn Rogers agreed. Da’Vonne noted the believed hypocrisy in their statements, pointing out the hosts have had different opinions when it comes to other players.

Devyn doubled down on her statement and noted she only considers it entitlement if the competitor hasn’t heard their stripes yet. On the other hand, Fessy appeared to side with Da’Vonne, as he claimed several wins had happened after being behind at some point. The experienced pair knew that but still seemed to give up, which “screams entitlement” to the two-time finalist.

Fessy and teammate Moriah Jadea won the most recent daily

After winning the daily during the third episode, Fessy and his partner Moriah Jadea went on a losing streak.

However, their alliances paid off as the two avoided The Zone until their nomination last week. The two would’ve had to face off against Michele Fitzgerald and Jay Starrett if Nelson Thomas hadn’t saved them.


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Following the elimination, Fessy became emotional as he wanted to win a daily to prove himself. Therefore, he pushed himself and Moriah during the mini-final, pulling out a huge and unexpected victory.

As the game changed from duos to teams, the two won the ability to pick their own groups. Fessy seemingly immediately turned on Moriah and talked about messing up her game so that she would select a weaker team. It seemed to work, as he ended up with the assumed stronger team. The Challenge airs Wednesdays on MTV.