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‘The Challenge’: How Old Is Nany González? How Old Was She When She Started the Show?

Nany González is a veteran player on MTV's 'The Challenge: Double Agents.' Here's her current age and the age at which she started playing 'The Challenge.' Additionally, there's more info about Nany's profession and how she got her start on 'The Real World.'

Nany González is one of the top veteran players on MTV’s The Challenge: Double Agents. Fans are rooting for her to get her gold skull, and we’ve seen plenty of her ups and downs through the season. So, how old is Nany now, and at what age did she start playing the game?

How old is Nany from ‘The Challenge’? What was her age when she began?

Nany González from MTV's 'The Challenge' standing and smiling with an MTV statue
Nany González from MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ | Keith Mayhew/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

There are plenty of rookie players on MTV’s The Challenge: Double Agents — but Nany certainly isn’t one of them. Fans know her from many seasons in the past, and she made it clear she didn’t come on this season to lose. As for her age, she’s 32. And when she started competing on the show, she was around 23 years old.

Nany’s first season was Battle of the Seasons, which took place back in 2012. According to The Challenge Fandom page, it was the 23rd season of the show when it aired, and it featured a number of Real World contestants competing against each other for a portion of $350,000.

While Nany’s never won the game completely, she has run finals in the past. And she’s hoping to turn her luck around with Double Agents. So far, it’s looking good for her, as she’s likely to make it all the way to the end if she wins an elimination round and chooses her next partner wisely.

What does Nany from ‘The Challenge’ do for a living?

Aside from MTV’s The Challenge, what does Nany do for a living? It was mentioned she’s a bartender or worked in the restaurant industry during past Challenge seasons, but it looks like she’s on a totally different path now. According to her Instagram, Nany mentioned she’s a “licensed aesthetician and skin care and laser specialist.”

Back in 2018, Nany posted videos of her work as an aesthetician, too. “Patients like Salena are the reason I love doing what I do,” Nany captioned a post from July 2018. “This pretty lady has been on a strict skincare treatment plan with me since our grand opening in December. Not only is she feeding her skin daily with quality at-home products, but is also in every four to six weeks for an array of treatments to continuously promote anti-aging and overall health in the skin.”

It looks like Nany’s still willing to go on The Challenge when the option’s available, though.

What ‘Real World’ was Nany on?


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Prior to MTV’s The Challenge, Nany got her start on The Real World. She was on The Real World: Las Vegas in 2011, a year before her Challenge debut. Back in 2012, Nany talked about her decision to go on reality TV as well.

“Actually, a big reason why I wanted to do Real World was because I wanted to do the Challenges,” she told Reality Wanted. “A lot of people don’t know I was a competitive athlete and I was a pretty big tomboy until I was about 12. When we got there, I was really excited.”

While she didn’t win her first season of The Challenge, she made note she’d absolutely be down for more — and she’s made good on that promise ever since. “I would absolutely do another Challenge,” she expressed. “I know it sounds crazy because I went through so much, but aside from the drama, I do love competing. That’s what I like to do. Will I maybe play a better social game? Maybe.”

We’re looking forward to seeing more of Nany on Double Agents!

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