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The Challenge: Australia star Grant Crapp is competing in World Championship alongside Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio. In a recent interview, the Australian reality TV star threw shade at the winningest player. Bananas has since clapped back at the “confessional cowboy.”

Johnny ‘Bananas’ Devenanzio called Grant Crapp a ‘confessional cowboy’

In a March 2023 episode of MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast, Grant Crapp, who competed in the Australian spinoff, bashed seven-time champ Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio.

He called him a “Peter Pan dude,” claimed the veteran had too much Botox, and referred to him as “Grandpa Bananas.” Therefore, many viewers assumed the two had beef that hadn’t been shown in the episodes yet.

However, Bananas implied he didn’t know why the Love Island Australia star came for him as they didn’t have many interactions in the house.

Speaking to The Challenge: Australia winner Kiki Morris on his podcast, Death, Taxes, and Bananas, he pointed out that Grant, who also talked negatively about her in the place, seemed to have words for people behind their backs. Therefore, Bananas referred to him as a “confessional cowboy.” He claimed the two didn’t speak much in the house but noted they had positive interactions when their paths crossed.

Grant called Bananas a ‘grandpa’ during a podcast interview

According to the Total Madness champ, Grant often complimented him to his face but goes into confessionals and on podcasts to throw shade. “Where was this energy on the show?” He questioned.

Kiki agreed and claimed that Grant came across as inauthentic because he told her of his plans to play up his Australian colloquialisms, believing Americans would find it funny. She thinks he said a lot of the things he said, especially in confessionals, for the cameras.

Speaking to the show’s official podcast, Grant claimed he felt Bananas was trying to “relieve his single bachelor life.”

Additionally, he insisted he was not intimidated by the seven-time champ and called out the longstanding competitor for attempting to control everyone. “I haven’t got time for him,” he added. Grant continued and claimed the others want to live in the winningest player’s “world” while he thinks “Grandpa Bananas” should retire.

Kiki Morris might throw Grant into elimination

The Challenge: Australia champs Troy Cullen and Kiki, alongside Emily Seebohm and Grant, who didn’t make the finals, returned for World Championship. Emily and Grant already made deals with Team USA’s Danny McCray and Sarah Lacina and agreed to use Kiki as a pawn for the first elimination.

However, it backfired when the female daily challenge winner, UK’s Zara Zoffany, threw her in over ally Kaz Crossley. During episode 5, the cast wanted to nominate another strong team to face the daily losers, Wes Bergmann.


‘The Challenge’: Kiki Responds to Grant’s ‘Airhead’ Comments About Her, Says It Was Part of Her Strategy

The veterans wanted Yes Duffy and Emily, while Team USA and the Australians tried to get Jordan Wiseley and Kaz. Additionally, they wanted to use Grant and his partner Jonna Mannion as a pawn against Jordan and Kaz, hoping winners Darrell Taylor and Kiki would remain loyal to Team Australia. However, Kiki has learned of Grant and Emily’s involvement in her blindside and wants revenge.

On the other hand, her partner Darrell would rather keep their hands clean. As the group reached a stalemate during deliberations, Kiki and Darrell could name any team they wanted to face Wes and Zara. Will they remain loyal to Australia or take a shot? The Challenge: World Championship airs Wednesdays on Paramount+.