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MTV’s The Challenge Season 39 Episode 16 showed the end of Olivia Kaiser and Nurys Mateo’s friendship. Olivia was supposed to save Nurys from entering elimination, but she flubbed the move, resulting in Nurys competing against Horacio Gutiérrez Jr. and Kyland Young. Now, fans are wondering where Nurys and Olivia stand after the show. Here’s what Nurys said.

[Spoiler alert: The Challenge Season 39 spoilers ahead regarding Olivia Kaiser and Nurys Mateo.]

Nurys Mateo says she’s still not ‘cool’ with Olivia Kaiser after ‘The Challenge’ Season 39

The Challenge Season 39 Episode 16 showed Olivia Kaiser’s friendship-ending move against Nurys Mateo. The best friends had each other’s backs throughout the game, and Olivia was supposed to save Nurys from elimination. Unfortunately, Olivia miscalculated and left Nurys hanging, resulting in Nurys heading into elimination against her showmance and her other alliance member.

Olivia and Nurys have publicly feuded on Twitter post-show, and fans finally understand what happened. So, how do the women feel about each other now? According to Nurys, they still aren’t “cool.”

“I’ve seen a bunch of people saying me and her are cool again, and that’s not the case, actually,” Nurys said, according to a clip posted to Reddit. “That is not the case. Watching this back pisses me off even more. Honestly, and hearing my family be upset bothers me. It’s just so disappointing.”

Nurys added that veteran player Aneesa Ferreira told her that Olivia was also talking negatively about her and their friendship before the season.

Olivia Kaiser says she’s spoken to Nurys Mateo since the incident in episode 16

A close-up of 'The Challenge' Season 39 competitor Nurys Mateo
‘The Challenge’ Season 39 competitor Nurys Mateo | Leon Bennett/Getty Images

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The Challenge Season 39 doesn’t show Olivia Kaiser in the best light, especially regarding her friendship with Nurys Mateo. Olivia spoke on her podcast, Gimme That Mic, about the situation. She explained that production didn’t show certain aspects of what went down in episode 16 when she didn’t save Nurys from elimination. Olivia noted that after Nurys was sent into elimination, she begged host TJ Lavin to take Nurys’ spot. Unfortunately, TJ didn’t allow the swap, and the exchange was never aired.

Olivia explained that she and Nurys spoke after the show. “I have talked to Nurys,” Olivia said. “We have had conversations. There is more that needs to be obviously discussed and said. … But she did say that she believes I’m sorry and stuff like that.”

However, Olivia added that Nurys feels “hot” after watching episode 16 back, so their feud is far from over.

Devin Walker says Nurys Mateo isn’t ‘completely innocent’ in the situation

The Challenge Season 39 involved veteran mercenaries entering the competition early on. Devin Walker, a well-known player, was one of the mercenaries who won. He commented on the situation between Nurys Mateo and Olivia Kaiser and said that Nurys isn’t “completely innocent.”

In a clip posted to Reddit, Devin explained that Nurys’s attachment to Horacio Gutiérrez Jr. and Kyland Young put her in a worse place with the other alliance, which included Jay Starrett and Michele Fitzgerald. With this in mind, Horacio and Kyland could’ve eventually come for Olivia without Nurys’s protection.

“She also is not completely innocent in this situation because she is immediately attached to Horacio, who is immediately attached to Kyland, who is going to come back and take shots at the other side of the house,” Devin noted. “So, they’re not wrong for not wanting to pick Nurys at this stage of the game because she’s connected to Jay’s direct opposition.”

The Challenge: Battle for a New Champion airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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