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MTV’s The Challenge: Ride or Dies just went through a game-changing twist that divided the existing pairs. While some of the pairs will continue to work together, other pairings might use the opportunity to create new alliances. So, who goes home in episode 10? Here’s what fans think, according to The Challenge Season 38 spoilers.

[Spoiler alert: The Challenge Season 38 spoilers ahead for episode 10.]

'The Challenge' Season 38 cast standing behind T.J. Lavin on a field
‘The Challenge’ Season 38 cast | Paramount

A major twist just divided up the teams in ‘Ride or Dies’

Early The Challenge Season 38 spoilers suggested a major twist was coming — and that twist happened in episode 9. Faysal Shafaat and Moriah Jadea won the daily challenge only to be presented with the most difficult decision in the game yet. They each became team captains to pick their new teams for the foreseeable future, and Faysal got to pick first.

Faysal got to pick first after a coin toss with host T.J. Lavin. “Remember, every person you pick, their ride-or-die goes on the opposite team automatically,” Lavin stated. Faysal then chose Kaycee Clark as the first member of his team, which means Moriah got Kaycee’s brother, Kenny Clark, on her team.

Moriah then chose Jordan Wiseley for her team, putting Aneesa Ferreira on Faysal’s team. Faysal chose Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio, putting Nany González on Moriah’s team. Moriah then chose Amber Borzotra, putting Chauncey Palmer on Faysal’s team. Faysal chose Nelson Thomas, giving Moriah Nurys Mateo. Moriah chose Horacio Gutiérrez, putting Olivia Kaiser with Faysal. Finally, Faysal chose Tori Deal, giving Moriah Devin Walker.

‘The Challenge’ Season 38 spoilers: Who goes home in episode 10?

So, who goes home in The Challenge Season 38 Episode 10?

Nobody went home in episode 9, as most of the episode focused on dividing the existing pairs into teams. There’s no guarantee an elimination will happen in episode 10, either. According to The Challenge Season 38 spoilers posted to Reddit, fans believe individual eliminations will come due to the new team setup. And the first individually eliminated cast member could be Kenny Clark, Kaycee Clark’s brother, according to eagle-eyed fans.

So, if Kenny is the first individually eliminated cast member this season, what does that mean for Kaycee? It looks like as long as Kaycee stays in the game, Kenny has a chance of returning. She may have to undergo a redemption-type challenge against other pairings where one cast member’s been eliminated.

Who wins ‘The Challenge’ Season 38?


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The Challenge Season 38 spoilers on Reddit show who wins the season. Tori Deal and Devin Walker reportedly take home the Ride or Dies win. Nany González and Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio come in second place, and Aneesa Ferreira and Jordan Wiseley come in third.

With this in mind, the original ride-or-die pairings seem certain to come back together soon after the twist is established. It’s unclear exactly when the original pairings will reunite.

The Challenge Season 38 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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