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Fans who watched MTV’s The Challenge Season 37 are eager to see who joins The Challenge Season 38 cast. Season 37, Spies, Lies, and Allies, saw a record number of rookie and international players join the show. Emy Alupei, the Survivor: Romania star who dominated the competition and made it to the finale, won many hearts — including host T.J. Lavin’s. Will Alupei return to the show? Here’s what Lavin said about how she’s a “staple.”

MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ Season 38 cast reportedly will feature a number of international contestants again

CT Tamburello and T.J. Lavin from MTV's 'The Challenge' standing side by side at an event against a black background
CT Tamburello and T.J. Lavin | Steven Lawton/WireImage

MTV’s The Challenge Season 37 cast was unlike anything fans had seen before. The show typically brings back veteran players who’ve competed on multiple seasons with a sprinkling of rookie players. In season 37, 19 rookies, many of whom were international players, joined the cast.

The veteran players in Spies, Lies, and Allies still managed to take out the rookie players one by one, though. But a few remained. Standouts included Emanuel Neagu, Logan Sampedro, and Emy Alupei.

It seems The Challenge Season 38 cast might look similar to the last season of the flagship series. Spoiler guru GamerVev alleged the next season will only have eight cast members from MTV, according to Reddit. The remaining 30 cast members will have originated from a CBS show or international series.

TJ Lavin called Emy Alupei a ‘staple’ on the show

So, who will join The Challenge Season 38 cast? MTV hasn’t revealed much information about the next season, but with the information given by GamerVev, it seems possible fans will see a few returning international players from season 37. Emy Alupei could very well be on that list.

Host T.J. Lavin spoke on the Challenge Mania podcast on Feb. 16, 2022, about Alupei. Lavin said he could “100%” see Alupei back on the show after she came in third place on Spies, Lies, and Allies. “I think she’s a staple,” Lavin added. “I love her. She’s awesome. She does really good. I think she’s really a bada** player.”

With so many potential rookies coming into The Challenge Season 38, the veteran players will likely create another alliance. But Lavin didn’t like how the vets played before. “I don’t like to play favorites or whatever, but I really feel like there were a couple of heavy hitters that got sent into the elimination round every go because they were rookies, and I don’t like that,” he added. “I never liked it when somebody got sent in over and over and over again.”

When is ‘The Challenge’ Season 38 premiere date?


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When can fans expect The Challenge Season 38 premiere to air? So far, MTV hasn’t given any indication of when the season will begin. And it seems production is still a few months away from starting filming. According to spoiler expert GamerVev, the season won’t begin filming until May 2022. Currently, production is still figuring out casting.

“Season 38 doesn’t start in March — it starts in May,” Reddit reports GamerVev tweeted. “So, don’t expect cast updates until late April.”

With season 38 not filming until May 2022, fans can likely expect a mid-summer 2022 premiere for season 38. While fans wait, The Challenge: All Stars Season 3 will premiere in May 2022 via Paramount+.

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