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MTV’s The Challenge Season 39 reunion is here, and fans will see plenty of Olivia Kaiser and Nurys Mateo. Olivia and Nurys started the season as best friends, but after Olivia failed to save Nurys from heading into an elimination during the season, their friendship ended. However, it seems they had issues before The Challenge Season 39 began. Here’s what Olivia said about their feud.

Olivia Kaiser said Aneesa Ferreira told Nurys Mateo that Olivia was bad-mouthing her before ‘The Challenge’ Season 39

A close-up of 'The Challenge' competitor Aneesa Ferreira
‘The Challenge’ competitor Aneesa Ferreira | Paul Zimmerman/WireImage

The Challenge Season 39 wouldn’t be complete without broken friendships and piping hot tea, and Olivia Kaiser and Nurys Mateo’s friendship-ending feud will be a hot topic during the reunion. Olivia and Nurys entered the season as best friends and allies. However, when the time came for Olivia to vote to keep Nurys out of elimination, she failed. Nurys then had to compete against her boyfriend, Horacio Gutiérrez Jr. 

Fans watching the season believed this was the turning point for Olivia and Nurys. However, Olivia says that she and Nurys had issues leading up to competing in the season together. Viewers watching the season may remember when Nurys spoke to her family on the phone, and her brother revealed that Olivia was talking poorly about Nurys before the season began. Olivia told Entertainment Weekly that veteran player Aneesa Ferreira spread this rumor to Nurys’ brother.

“Yeah, it was Aneesa,” Olivia said. “Me and Aneesa were really close after Ride or Dies. I had a great time with her, but all the time, I heard from every single person I ever talked to, ‘Don’t trust her, don’t trust her, don’t trust her.’ I was like, ‘Why? She’s the best, I love her.’ So, of course, you vent about your friends at times, you say things, but I will say that I never said [Nurys] was ‘broke’ or I was using her for the game or faking a friendship, whatever that was. That was not the truth.”

Olivia added that she and Aneesa were messaging a week before Olivia was set to compete in The Challenge Season 39.  “I definitely pulled myself away from Aneesa at one point, just because I kind of felt she talks a lot of s***, and I was like, ‘That’s kind of a dangerous place to be,’ but we were still fine,” she added.

Olivia Kaiser thinks Aneesa Ferreira had ulterior motives

So, why would Aneesa Ferreira start drama between Olivia Kaiser and Nurys Mateo before The Challenge Season 39? Olivia told Entertainment Weekly that Aneesa and Nurys’ brother previously had a romance. She believes Aneesa might’ve talked poorly about Olivia to get closer to Nurys’ brother.

“I’m not going to spill anyone’s romantic life too much, but Aneesa and Nurys’ brother had a little rendezvous situation,” Olivia added. “I think that drinks were flowing; maybe she just felt like she wanted to get closer to Nurys’ brother by s***ting on me; I don’t know her MO.”

Olivia added that Aneesa “never liked Nurys, never said anything good about Nurys,” so it felt odd for Aneesa to start drama.

Olivia Kaiser and Nurys Mateo continue to feud during ‘The Challenge’ Season 39 reunion

A close-up of 'The Challenge' Season 39 competitor Nurys Mateo
‘The Challenge’ Season 39 competitor Nurys Mateo | Leon Bennett/Getty Images

‘The Challenge’ Season 39: Nurys Mateo Wants Horacio Gutiérrez Jr. to Propose

The Challenge Season 39 features Olivia Kaiser and Nurys Mateo discussing their feud. An Instagram clip shows Olivia stating she feels happy for Nurys and Horacio Gutiérrez Jr.’s romance. However, Nurys doesn’t buy it.

“You were never happy,” Nurys says to Olivia after Olivia claims to be happy for her. “You were the biggest f***ing hater. … Every time I had the opportunity to talk to my quote-unquote ‘best friend,’ everything that came out of her mouth was negative. ‘Oh, Nurys, you could do better.’ Asked you for advice, and every time, her advice was never, ‘Oh, you guys can work this out.’ It was literally always negative.”

The Challenge: Battle for a New Champion reunion airs on Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2024, at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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