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MTV’s The Challenge Season 39 reunion is here, and fans get to hear about all of the drama they briefly saw glimpses of during the season. From Nurys Mateo and Olivia Kaiser’s falling out to Moriah Jadea’s internal turmoil over cheating on Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio, viewers saw a lot of conflict. Here’s what to expect during the two-part reunion that begins on Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2024.

[Spoiler alert: The Challenge Season 39 reunion spoilers ahead.]

‘The Challenge’ Season 39 reunion includes cast member fights

MTV’s The Challenge Season 39 included plenty of drama between cast members. While the finale is over and the winners have been crowned, the conflict isn’t over yet. The cast members from the season will regroup on stage to hash out their differences and discuss what fans didn’t see.

According to spoiler guru GamerVev, the reunion will include conflict between Colleen Schneider and Moriah Jadea, Nurys Mateo and Jay Starrett, Michele Fitzgerald and Callum Izzard, Nurys and Olivia Kaiser, Kyland Young and Jay, Ravyn Rochelle and Michele, Big T Fazakerley/Melissa Reeves and Corey Lay, Ravyn and Colleen, and Laurel Stucky and Michele.

Fans saw a lot of this conflict brewing during the season. Nurys and Jay had a friendship for years outside of the show, but she backstabbed by him toward the end of The Challenge Season 39. She verified in a post-show interview that she did not want Jay’s friendship after the show.

As for Michele and Callum, they had a showmance this season. However, Michele didn’t know that Callum had a girlfriend back home.

Nurys and Olivia had an epic falling out when Olivia had the opportunity to save Nurys and didn’t take it. They still have not bandaged their friendship since the end of the season.

Big T and Melissa were thick as thieves all season long and frequently didn’t get along with Corey. When Melissa was eliminated, she promised to bring piping hot tea to the reunion.

Two mercenaries from the season get into conflict

The Challenge Season 39 reunion shows drama between cast mates — and it also includes drama between two mercenaries. This season, veteran mercenaries arrived to compete against the main cast members during eliminations. Tori Deal and Cara Maria Sorbello both stepped into the ring. And they have beef with each other outside of the show.

“Cara Maria and Tori kept getting into it during filming the reunion today — supposedly they were saying they wanted to face each other in a physical elimination to settle it,” GamerVev posted to X.

Tori said Cara Maria never welcomed her as a real cast member from the beginning of her career on The Challenge, and their issues intensified during Tori’s relationship with Jordan Wiseley.

A clip from the reunion shows Nurys Mateo fighting with Olivia Kaiser

A close-up of 'The Challenge' Season 39 competitor Nurys Mateo
‘The Challenge’ Season 39 competitor Nurys Mateo | Leon Bennett/Getty Images

‘The Challenge’ Season 39: Nurys ‘Exposes’ Olivia on Twitter, Says She Lied About Multiple Hookups in the House

The Challenge Season 39 reunion will show where Nurys Mateo and Olivia Kaiser stand today. Nurys and Olivia entered the competition as best friends and allies. However, when Olivia had the opportunity to save Nurys from entering an elimination, she dropped the ball. This ended their friendship and erupted into a feud.

A clip from the reunion posted to Instagram shows Nurys and Olivia arguing over Nurys’ relationship with Horacio Gutiérrez Jr. Nurys accuses Olivia of “being a hater” regarding her romance.

 “You were the biggest f***ing hater,” Nurys says. ” … Every time I had the opportunity to talk to my quote-unquote ‘best friend,’ everything that came out of her mouth was negative. ‘Oh, Nurys, you could do better.’ Asked you for advice, and every time, her advice was never, ‘Oh, you guys can work this out.’ It was literally always negative.”

This article was originally reported by GamerVev and posted to Reddit.

The Challenge: Battle for a New Champion reunion airs on Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2024, at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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