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Fans can’t wait for more details on MTV’s The Challenge Season 39. Season 38, Ride or Dies, brought a mix of veterans and newcomers to the mix, and fans were introduced to some of their new favorite cast members. The Challenge Season 39 spoilers note some vets, like Tori Deal, didn’t get asked to join this season. And rumors suggest she might’ve begged to compete.

[Spoiler alert: The Challenge Season 39 spoilers ahead regarding the cast.]

'The Challenge' contestant Tori Deal walking and smiling in a romper
‘The Challenge’ contestant Tori Deal | John Lamparski/WireImage

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‘The Challenge’ Season 39 spoilers: Tori Deal is rumored to have asked to compete

MTV hasn’t released the official cast listing for the new season, but The Challenge Season 39 spoilers note the new cast consists of mostly rookie players. This means fan-favorite contestants, like Tori Deal, weren’t asked to return. This is most likely because MTV wants a huge season 40 with as many well-known players as possible to compete. Many contestants don’t end up competing in back-to-back seasons.

The Challenge spoiler guru PinkRose spilled tea on Vevmo about the new cast. “No, they were told they could do either but not both,” they told a fan regarding the cast for seasons 39 and 40. “But things can change, especially since someone really wants to do 39 and have been asking production about it.”

Another fan guessed who PinkRose referenced. “I’m sure Tori is one of the ones begging to be on when two weeks before USA 2 started filming, she was claiming she was going on a much-needed mental health break,” a fan guessed. “At this rate, she’s gonna end up snapping like Camila and I’m not gonna feel one bit sorry about it because she knew better.”

To that, PinkRose posted an emoji of a cup of tea. The spoiler guru didn’t confirm or deny the suggestion.

The new cast allegedly doesn’t contain any well-known veterans

According to The Challenge Season 39 spoilers, the new cast doesn’t contain any well-known veterans.

PinkRose posted that the alleged women cast members and alternates joining the season are:

Berna Canbeldek
Moriah Jadea
Ravyn Rochelle
Tula “Big T” Fazakerley
Melissa Reeves
Nurys Mateo
Olivia Kaiser
Esther Falana
Michele Fitzgerald
Zara Zoffany
Bettina Buchanan
Jujuy Jiménez
Colleen Schneider
Zahida Allen

The alleged male cast members and alternates:

Ed Eason
Emanuel Neagu
Nam Vo
Corey Lay
Kyland Young
Jay Starrett
Callum Izzard
Chauncey Palmer
Idris Virgo
Asaf Goren
Hughie Maughan
Horacio Gutierrez Jr.
Joss Mooney

Several of these cast members competed in season 38 as their rookie season, and none of them won.

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