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When fights break out during MTV’s The Challenge, host TJ Lavin goes to the house to reprimand the contestants or send them home if the altercation crosses the line. During a recent episode of Death, Taxes, and Bananas, TJ revealed the “most insane fight” while hosting the series.

TJ Lavin smiling at the Touchdown for Charity's celebrity fantasy football draft
BMX rider and ‘The Challenge’ host T.J. Lavin | Gabe Ginsberg/FilmMagic/Getty Images

TJ Lavin names the ‘most insane fight’ from ‘The Challenge’ that caused him to ‘scold’ the players

A couple of months before The Challenge: All Stars 3 debuts, long-standing host TJ Lavin appeared on seven-time champ Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio’s podcast, Death, Taxes, and Bananas.

During a segment answering fan questions, the most winning player asked the host the most “uncomfortable or insane” fight that happened in the house in which he had to “scold” the contestants.

Bananas suggested the “crazy” Nia Moore vs. Nany Gonzaléz and the house argument from Battle of the Exes 2, which nearly turned physical in front of the host. He then brought up Cory Wharton body slamming Tony Raines during Final Reckoning, to which TJ agreed, calling it “gnarly” and “pretty damn crazy.”

Johnny Bananas added that he notices when the BMX star repeats what producers tell him to say and when it’s “coming from the heart.” The longtime competitor pointed out the “look of disappointment and anger” he noticed on TJ’s face when the host reprimanded Cory for his actions, noting he had never seen that before. However, Bananas understood, stating it was a “dangerous” act that could have resulted in a severe injury.

Cory Wharton was disqualified due to the physical altercation

A two-time finalist and on his sixth season when he returned for Final Reckoning, Cory seemed prime for a long run.

Entering the game as a “mercenary” alongside Devin Walker, the two eliminated Amanda Garcia and Zach Nichols and Da’Vonne Rogers and Jozea Flores with only a few missions left before the finals.

However, two episodes later, Cory and Tony got into a physical altercation over pasta. Tony apparently threw Cory’s leftovers out on their way back to the house, upsetting the Real World star.

Therefore, he body-slammed the New Orleans native on the pavement. Tony narrowly avoided an injury, but Cory was immediately disqualified. Due to their performance so far, it’s possible Cory and Devin could have gone on to win the season.

TJ has previously said he would team up with CT Tamburello for a final

During season 36’s Double Agents, TJ appeared on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast, hosted by players Aneesa Ferreira and Tori Deal.

In the April 15 episode, as they discussed the finals, the host mentioned who he would team up with if he had the chance to compete. Noting Leroy Garrett as one of his all-time favorites, TJ answered four-time winner CT Tamburello as his choice.


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The host explained why, pointing out the veteran’s wealth of experience and ability to quickly figure out the most effective way to complete a task. He also pointed out that CT frequently practices puzzles at home with his son, which has given the back-to-back champ an advantage over other players who aren’t as well-practiced.

Finally, TJ believes the long-standing vet is “a force to reckon with” when it comes to finals, as CT also has the will to “go hard” without having to take breaks. The Challenge: All Stars 3 premieres on May 11.