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The Challenge champ Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio told podcast Challenge Mania that CBS should include MTV veterans in The Challenge: USA Season 2, believing it needed established personalities to show the newcomers the ropes. Here are five legends from the flagship that would make exceptional additions to the upcoming season.

Johnny ‘Bananas’ Devenanzio

The winningest competitor has appeared in over 20 seasons since his debut in 2006’s The Duel, and he’s racked up 68 daily wins, 27 elimination wins, $1,222,720 earned, and a historic seven wins. Even though he’s already appeared in season 38’s Ride or Dies and spinoff World Championship after taking a two-season break, Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio has become a franchise staple, and his presence would make the show feel a little more authentic.

As someone who usually aligns with other veterans, he’d have to rely on new connections with the rookies. Additionally, it might be interesting to watch him operate in a house full of cast members from CBS shows, including Survivor and Big Brother, as they incorporate a different type of gameplay. Last season’s champs, Danny McCray and Sarah Lacina, have shown that the CBS personalities aren’t interested in playing the veteran’s game.

Nany González

The Real World star has competed in 12 seasons since 2012’s Battle of the Seasons, placing in the finals four times. Even though Nany González hasn’t won yet, she’s mastered the social game in a way that’s allowed her to navigate to the end in the past three consecutive seasons.

She hasn’t appeared in any spinoffs of the flagship series yet, so this would be her first time. Like Johnny “Bananas,” Nany works with the other veterans. Therefore, watching her ability to make strong connections while in the house would be interesting.

Chris “CT” Tamburello

While CT Tamburello has said he wanted to exit the reality TV series on a high note, as he won his most recent season, Spies, Lies, and Allies and has a lot going on in his personal life as he deals with a divorce, viewers probably shouldn’t expect to see the five-time champ anytime soon. However, he’d make a great addition to The Challenge: USA Season 2.

CT already plays an adaptable game, similar to Survivor and Big Brother players, and is willing to work with anyone who will get him to the end. Even though other competitors might have caught on to his game and might target him earlier, CT has proven that he still has the strength he displayed in his prime, and players won’t want to see him in elimination. His ability to work with the newcomers and proven prowess in the finals could give the Real World star a sixth win.

Cara Maria Sorbello

Cara Maria Sorbello made her reality TV debut on Fresh Meat 2 without appearing on Real World or Road Rules, where she was eliminated first. However, she quickly proved herself and had one of the most significant arcs viewers have seen in the show as she went from getting picked on relentlessly to becoming the first sole winner of a Challenge.

Cara Maria shares and holds several records, including the most consecutive seasons she competed in, most elimination wins, and most consecutive appearances in a final, making her Challenge royalty. As she hasn’t competed in a while, Cara Maria might be ready to become more of a mentor for USA Season 2 and pass the crown.

Wes Bergmann

The three-time champ tends to work with rookies and outsiders when he competes in The Challenge, making USA Season 2 a dream for Wes Bergmann. The first season lacked a level of strategy that Wes would bring, hopefully resulting in a more exciting season. He’s won two seasons of the flagship show, made the finals in two out of the three Champs vs. Stars spinoffs, and won All Stars 3.


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Wes is currently competing in the World Championship, where he’s already started working with the newcomers. Additionally, he coached in MTV’s Spring Break Challenge in 2010, where his team barely missed the finals. Wes has participated in every The Challenge spinoff, and done well, so his presence on USA Season 2 is almost a must.