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MTV fans are keeping up with the new CBS spinoff, The Challenge: USA — and the tea is heating up. Leo Temory, a cast member from the show, recently spoke out against producer and showrunner Justin Booth. Here’s what Temory suggested about firing Booth.

‘The Challenge: USA’ cast member Leo Temory suggests firing a producer

Leo Temory and Enzo Palumbo, two 'The Challenge: USA' cast members competing
Leo Temory and Enzo Palumbo | Jonne Roriz/Paramount

Justin Booth is the longtime executive producer and showrunner of MTV’s The Challenge, and he certainly has a hand in The Challenge: USA. Cast members from the flagship series and the spinoff seem to know him well — though Leo Temory is certainly not a fan.

Temory posted a question box to his Instagram Stories, according to a Reddit screenshot. “Ask me a question,” it read, “I’ll spill all the tea.” He then added, “#firejustinbooth” to the post, prompting many fans to wonder what went down.

Temory also spoke to Reality Alert about Booth. “This guy literally would show up, be behind the camera, and sneak off,” he noted. “The f*** kind of producer and production is this? We said this throughout the season, they kept treating us like cattle.”

“There were a lot of problems,” Temory continued. “You’re not gonna hear about it because everyone wants to go back. … It becomes a career, and that’s fine. But I got a career. … He has my number. He can reach out if he wants to talk,” he added, speaking about Booth.

Other past cast members spoke out against Justin Booth

''The Challenge: USA' cast walking on to a field
‘The Challenge: USA’ cast | Jonne Roriz/Paramount

Leo Temory likely isn’t the only The Challenge: USA cast member to take issue with Justin Booth and production. Past contestants from MTV’s The Challenge also spoke out against Booth.

Trishelle Cannatella, an original Challenge contestant who returned to play The Challenge: All Stars, wrote about Booth on Instagram. “It’s possible now that the misogynistic, unethical, POS Justin Booth is gone I would return, but not likely,” she wrote, according to a Reddit screenshot.

“There have been complaints about Justin Booth from flagship cast as well,” a fan on Reddit wrote. “They say he runs the place like it’s the military and the reason the misogyny has never been addressed.

“People will say he’s being a sore loser or extra, but rumblings during filming (and early press form Tyson) indicated that many had significant issues with production,” another fan wrote. “And many MTV personalities have dragged Justin Booth in the past as well.”

‘The Challenge: USA’ spoilers note the cast clashed with production during the finale


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While Leo Temory had issues with the show before the finale, spoilers indicate The Challenge: USA cast members who made it to the finale also dealt with a huge mess.

“This was extremely disorganized from beginning to end,” spoiler account PinkRose stated, according to Reddit. “Sounds like a lot of the cast wasn’t [a] fan of production and like some may have quit the final.”

“The whole final does sound like a big *** mess,” they continued. “Let’s see how it translates on TV.”

We’ll have to wait and see who manages to win The Challenge: USA.

The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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