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The Amazing Race champ James Wallington had a solid social game during The Challenge: USA, but his daily mission losses resulted in back-to-back visits to the elimination round. He attempted to get fellow Racer Leo Temory thrown in, but it didn’t go in his favor. Following his exit, James admitted he regretted not calling out David Alexander and Shannon St. Clair instead.

James Wallington and Tasha Fox went home during ‘The Challenge: USA’ episode 3

During The Challenge USA Episode 3, James Wallington and Tasha Fox lost the daily mission, immediately placing them in elimination.

When talking to winning pair Angela Rummans and Kyland Young, The Amazing Race champ seemingly threw other Racer Leo Temory under the bus, suggesting the pair throw them in.

However, Angela and Kyland decided against it, ultimately throwing in the weaker team, Cashay Proudfoot and Domenick Abbate, wanting to keep the stronger competitors in the game.

James and Tasha lost, becoming the third pair eliminated. Following their exit, the duo talked to, who asked James if he regretted turning on Leo, especially as it didn’t work in his favor.

James regrets turning on Leo Temory and not asking for David Alexander and Shannon St. Clair

The reality star admitted he should have asked for David Alexander (Big Brother) and Shannon St. Clair (Love Island), noting Tyson Apostol (Survivor) had already dropped their names.

James pointed out it would have served his and Tasha’s game best as it would’ve prevented them from targeting someone from their original show.

Additionally, he revealed a secret alliance between the Racers and Survivor players. James insisted he didn’t “actively” try to turn on Leo but realized two Big Brother alums had the power.

Therefore, it limited their options to Domenick and Cashay or Justine Ndiba and Leo. While he admitted he recognized the potential to defeat Leo and Justine, giving him enough money to compete in the finals, James denies outright betraying Leo, “despite what the show and the edit might have shown.”

He already won one elimination during ‘The Challenge: USA’

James entered the game at the bottom as one of only three former The Amazing Race contestants competing in The Challenge: USA. He quickly put his social game to work and got in the ear of daily mission winner Tyson to encourage him to throw in Love Island pair Javonny Vega and Cely Vazquez.

However, James and fellow Racer Cayla Lee ended up in the subsequent elimination when they placed last in the daily mission. The Amazing Race champ returned to work and encouraged those in charge to target Tiffany Mitchell, who many players feared strategically.


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He and Cayla sent Tiffany and partner Cashel Barnett (Love Island) home, coming back into the house. James found himself in the following elimination with Tasha after the pair placed last in the daily mission and attempted to sway Angela and Kyland into giving them Leo and Justine to compete against.

However, as part of an alliance with Tyson to keep the strongest players in the house, Angela felt it best to throw in Cash and Domenick, who proved themselves by sending James and Tasha home, earning money in their accounts. The Challenge USA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.