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During The Chi Season 5 Episode 4, Jemma seemingly discovered she was pregnant shortly after walking out of the SATs. Although her actor Judae’a Brown didn’t name the situation, she hinted that a “life challenge,” presumably the pregnancy, will bond Jemma and her boyfriend Jake during season 5.

Jemma cheated on Kevin with his best friend during ‘The Chi’ Season 4

Shortly before The Chi Season 5 Episode 5 aired, several cast members opened up about their characters’ journeys and where viewers will pick up with them in season 5.

During the video, uploaded to the show’s official YouTube page, star Judae’a Brown explained the season picks up with her after she cheated on Kevin (Alex Hibbert) with Jake, his best friend.

The couple began dating after meeting in school and lost their virginity to each other. Jemma seemingly annoyed Jake (Michael Epps), and he consistently bad-mouthed her, but Kevin caught the two making out in a stairwell.

Jemma and Jake have continued a relationship into season 5 and frequently hang out at each other’s houses. He is a presumed bad influence on her as she has since started smoking weed and refused to take the SATs, wanting to explore another path.

Judae’a Brown says upcoming ‘life challenge’ will bring Jemma and Jake closer

Brown acknowledged her character’s infidelity in the video, noting that Jemma “needed something different” and called the teenager a “young girl” who “can change her mind.”

Jake’s actor, Michael Epps, added that their relationship evolves throughout the current season as they face a “life challenge” together that forces them to make a “big decision.”

Brown applauded the storytelling in which a “young Black man” takes accountability, calling it “beautiful.” Additionally, she noted the tough situation helped the pair grow closer.

Although Jemma didn’t name the circumstance, episode 5 ended with her screaming the “f-word” after taking a pregnancy test.

Kevin has moved on since the Jemma break up

After he and Jemma broke up, Kevin moved on and fell for Lynae (Zaria Imani Primer), whom he met at the community center. However, she ended up moving in with him and his family after her brother and legal guardian went on the run following a murder case.

The two have since established a strong friendship, mainly inspired by their shared love of video games, and are attempting to start a club together at their school.


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He has since moved on and developed feelings for another girl at his school, Simone (Antonyah Allen). However, she’s more introverted than other girlfriends he’s previously dated, including Maisha (Genesis Denise Hale) and Jemma, making him slightly uncomfortable.

Kevin hasn’t lost interest in Lynae, even if it’s turned into a more sibling love, because he contacted Trig (Luke James) around the holidays to figure out if he could Jamal (Vic Mensa), her brother, for a surprise visit or phone call. After believing she might see or hear from him soon, Trig personally delivered the news that her brother is currently behind bars awaiting the murder trial. The Chi airs Fridays on Showtime.