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The Circle is back for season 4, and the trailer promises “more money, new gameplay, and a lot more spice.” This season of the Netflix hit will feature nine players — five playing as themselves and four catfishes — who are competing for a $150,000 cash prize.

One of those new cast members who is playing as herself is Alyssa Ljubicich. Here’s everything we know about the girl who’s already made it clear to viewers that she isn’t afraid to say the word “vagina.”

The Circle season 4 star Alyssa Ljubicich in an image from the season premiere
Alyssa Ljubicich | Netflix

‘The Circle’ Season 4 Episode Guide and Release Times

Netflix released a video introduction to ‘The Circle’ Season 4 cast

Fans of The Circle first met Alyssa when Netflix dropped the season 4 trailer in late April. Then, they got to learn a little bit about her and the other players when the streamer released a special introductory video.

The five contestants who are playing the game as themselves in season 4 are: Alyssa, Yu Ling Wu, Crissa Jackson, Rachel Evans, and Frank Grimsley. The four deceptive players entering the game as a catfish are: Josh Brubaker (as Bru), Alex Brizard (as Nathan), Parker Abbott (as Paul), and John Franklin (as Carol).

The social media competition is promising that the new season will be the “spiciest season yet,” with “more twists and turns than ever before.”

One of those twists that fans saw in the trailer was a “data breach.” Which seems to include a special appearance by Spice Girls Emma Bunton (Baby Spice) and Mel B. (Scary Spice). However, their participation in season 4 has not yet been confirmed.

Who is Alyssa Ljubicich? Here’s everything we know

Alyssa is a 27-year-old from New York City who describes herself as “an assistant sex coach.” In her intro video she tells viewers, “I love helping people have amazing sex, and I can very comfortably say the word vagina.”

When she posted the clip on Instagram for her nearly 5,000 followers, she expanded on her love for the word vagina in the caption.

“Legend has it if you say vagina 3 times, I will appear ✨ & while I have you – vagina is not a dirty word!” Alyssa wrote. “It’s a body part the same way your elbow is a body part so if the word makes you uncomfy, know that my goal is to make your body (& sexuality) a safe space for you. because I LOVE you already! 🤍”

Alyssa also teased a bit about her game play, explaining that she was “coming in 🔥” and wanted nothing more than to “hear everyone’s little secret.” She said that if she can get people to tell her about their sex lives, she can get them to tell her about their strategies.

Alyssa Ljubicich’s big moment in ‘The Circle’ Season 4 trailer revolves around a vulva pillow

Continuing with the theme of sex and female anatomy, Alyssa’s biggest moment in the season 4 trailer of The Circle centered around her showing off a pillow shaped like a vulva.

“YOU. ME. MY VULVA PILLOW. IT’S ALL HAPPENING,” she wrote on Instagram ahead of the premiere.

That’s all we know so far about Alyssa, but that will all change soon. Netflix will drop the first four episodes of The Circle season 4 on May 4. The following week — on May 11 — they will release episodes five through eight. And on May 18, fans will gain access to episodes 9 through 12.

The season 4 finale of The Circle  — when host Michelle Bateau actually gets to meet the contestants — will arrive on the platform on Wednesday, May 25.