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Erin Doherty is opening up about The Crown. The 28-year-old shared her favorite scene to film for the Netflix series and it doesn’t involve an elaborate set or Princess Diana (Emma Corrin)

Erin Doherty plays Princess Anne in 2 seasons of ‘The Crown’

Erin Doherty as Princess Anne on 'The Crown'
Erin Doherty as Princess Anne on The Crown | Netflix/Des Willie

Doherty joined the cast of The Crown in the show’s third season as Anne, Princess Royal. The only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, The Crown shows Anne as a no-nonsense royal. 

Anne’s not afraid to talk back to her parents or her grandmother. At one point, she even cracks a joke when they ask her about Prince Charles’ relationship with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. In another episode, Philip counts on her to get the royal family some good press. And she does, albeit in a creative way. 

The actor’s favorite scene to film is a moment of vulnerability for Princess Anne

Doherty shared her favorite scene to film during a December 2020 interview with Grazia. It takes place in The Crown Season 4 Episode 4: “Favourites” when the queen examines her own relationships with each of her four kids.

The scene doesn’t happen inside a particularly eye-catching room in Buckingham Palace but rather outside, under a tree. Sitting on a blanket, Anne tells her mother her latest struggles.

She confesses she doesn’t like the media comparing her to Diana before admitting she’s in an unhappy marriage with Captain Mark Phillips. 

Erin Doherty and Olivia Colman at 'The Crown' after party in 2019
Erin Doherty and Olivia Colman at an after-party for The Crown| Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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Doherty enjoyed filming the scene because it marked a vulnerable moment for Anne who is typically “guarded.” 

“That’s my favourite [sic] thing that I got to do in the whole two years of the show,” she said. “It was the ultimate pay-off of portraying and painting this woman in this light: she knew who she was, she is armoured [sic] and guarded.” 

“But to reach this episode and show that she is vulnerable, to show the cracks within this stone wall, to show she has a heart, that she feels pain, but just doesn’t quite know how to reach out to people, that is really quite poignant,” Doherty explained.

“I read the script and thought, ‘This is going to be brilliant,’” she added.

Erin Doherty’s starring in a thriller next

Done playing Anne, Doherty’s moving on to her next acting role. She’s set to star in the Netflix original movie, Rebel Ridge. Written and directed by Jeremy Saulnier, Doherty will star in the thriller with John Boyega (Star Wars). According to IMDb, it’s currently in pre-production. 

The Crown Seasons 1 – 4 are streaming on Netflix.