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Gerry Turner has spent the last six weeks on The Golden Bachelor, vetting potential love matches and crying over the ladies he’s sent home. Now, as the series enters its final stretch, he seems more confused than ever. Gerry isn’t the only person confused. The Golden Bachelor Viewers have spent the days since week six aired debating whether or not Gerry told Theresa Nist, one of his finalists if he loved her. It seems complicated. 

Theresa Nist told Gerry Turner she loved him on ‘The Golden Bachelor’

Theresa Nist is sharing her feelings freely on The Golden Bachelor. She’s offered Gerry more than one profession of her feelings. While Gerry has been open and willing to show affection toward many of the women he met during the show’s abbreviated run, he seems more understated about Theresa. It’s clear that he likes her. He even sent Kathy packing after she argued with Theresa. Does he love her, though?

Still, Theresa has been much freer with her words for Gerry. She’s told the golden bachelor that she’s in love with him, and while she surely would have liked to hear it back, it doesn’t seem like she did, or did she? 

So, did Gerry tell Theresa he loved her? 

When Theresa told Gerry she was in love with him on The Golden Bachelor, it didn’t seem like he was keen on saying it back. It’s possible he didn’t in that moment, but he did admit to the camera later in the episode that he was falling in love with the New Jersey-based compliance and operations liaison. 

So, did he ever say it directly to Theresa? Maybe. It’s possible that it did happen, but the moment didn’t make the cut. ABC may be trying to throw viewers off the trail of the real winner. While the network has battled with leaks from previous The Bachelor franchises, they’ve done fairly well in keeping the final winner of The Golden Bachelor under wraps. The network could be using creative editing to send viewers off in the wrong direction, all before the big reveal on Nov. 30. 

Gerry said “I love you” directly to other contestants 

Theresa seemed to suggest Gerry didn’t tell her he loved her in her own The Golden Bachelor interview. That wasn’t the case for everyone, though. He was freer with his words regarding other contestants. Gerry told both Faith Martin and Leslie Fhima that he loved them. 

Leslie Fhima accepting a rose from Gerry Turner in 'The Golden Bachelor'
Leslie Fhima in ‘The Golden Bachelor’ | John Fleenor/Disney via Getty Images

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While fans know that Leslie Fhima has advanced to the final two on The Golden Bachelor, ABC has left fans on a cliffhanger. We won’t know whether Faith or Theresa earned the second rose until next week. The ladies sit down for a tell-all episode before the show takes a breather for Thanksgiving. The final episode, where Gerry Turner picks his next great love, will air on Nov. 30.