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ABC’s The Golden Bachelor ended with an engagement for Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist. And now, their wedding is here. The star-studded event will be full of well-known faces from Bachelor Nation. So, who’s attending? Here’s what to know about The Golden Bachelor wedding guest list.

Who’s on ‘The Golden Bachelor’ wedding guest list?

The Golden Bachelor wedding surely has a long guest list, as it’s the event of the season that Bachelor Nation folks don’t want to miss. So, who’s invited?

Every contestant from The Golden Bachelor received an invite, though it’s unclear who from the cast will attend. “We want all of the women from The Golden Bachelor to be there,” Theresa told Entertainment Weekly. “We don’t know who’s going to be able to make it. And there will be people there from Bachelor Nation and then our close family and friends.” In total, Theresa predicted the wedding would have about 125 guests.

As for other Bachelor Nation stars, People reports Wells Adams, Ben Higgins, Jason and Molly Mesnick, Desiree and Chris Siegfried, and Trista and Ryan Sutter will be there. Kathy Swartz and Charity Lawson have the job of “Gold Carpet Correspondents.” Host Jesse Palmer will also attend to help guide the evening.

Family members from Gerry and Theresa’s sides will attend the wedding, of course. Theresa’s son, Tommy, will walk her down the aisle, while her son-in-law, Matt, will be one of the groomsmen on Gerry’s side. Five of her grandsons will serve as junior groomsmen, while her youngest grandson, Henry, will be the ring bearer. As for Theresa’s maid of honor, that duty goes to her daughter, Jen. And Theresa’s sisters, Charlotte and Mary, will be her “flower girls.”

As for Gerry’s family, his son-in-law, Rob, is his best man, and his two daughters are bridesmaids. Theresa’s daughter-in-law, Amanda, is also a bridesmaid. Gerry’s granddaughters join the wedding as junior bridesmaids.

“Every single member of our family is involved in the bridal party. There’s not anybody that’s left out,” Theresa explained to Entertainment Weekly. “It’s going to be a big bridal party. I have six grandsons. We have several men in our lives. We have women in our lives. Everybody will be involved.”

Unfortunately, Gerry’s father can’t make it due to his age and travel restrictions.

'The Golden Bachelor' star Gerry Turner posing with several women from his season, including Theresa Nist
‘The Golden Bachelor’ | John Fleenor/Disney via Getty Images

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Is Leslie Fhima attending?

The Golden Bachelor wedding is exciting for Bachelor Nation fans (along with the happy couple, of course). But not everyone left the show excited. Gerry Turner broke Leslie Fhima’s heart in the finale. While Theresa Nist and Gerry extended a wedding invitation to Leslie, fans didn’t know if Leslie wanted to attend.

So, will Leslie go to the wedding? It appears she plans on attending. After an unexpected hospitalization, Leslie took to Instagram to update her fans.

“Hey guys, happy New Year!” she wrote on Instagram Stories, according to People. “I just want to say thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for all your kind and encouraging words while I was in the hospital, and then when I got home, and now I’m definitely on the mend. I’m feeling so much better that now I get to go to the wedding, and I can’t wait to support Gerry and Teresa in their beautiful day, and I know it’s going to be really, really amazing. Bye!”

‘The Golden Bachelor’ contestant Susan Noles is officiating

The Golden Bachelor wedding guest list includes Susan Noles, who has an essential job as the officiant through her company, Nuptial by Noles. Susan became a fan favorite after competing in the series, so we’re glad to see her return.

“I am on my way to start the festivities for today,” Susan posted to her Instagram in a video that shows her at the wedding location. “I have to go to makeup now, and then lots of rehearsals. So, I look forward to seeing everybody tonight. .. The first ever Golden Wedding!”

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