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The Jonas Brothers have had a long and complex career that involved growing up in the spotlight and experiencing some serious growing pains as they adjusted to a life of fame while also transitioning from child Disney stars to creative artists in their own right—and they did it all together as brothers. Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas have been capturing fans’ hearts and minds over the years, and we’ve learned a lot about the trio. 

We already know how the emotional strain of working and maturing together led to their painful breakup in 2013. We also know about their eventual reunion six years later (and the nudge that happy revival got from Joe Jonas’ love and Game of Thrones superstar Sophie Turner). We also know their biggest regret (agreeing to do the short-lived Disney show JONAS), and we’ve even gotten an up-close look at their body art

At this point, one might think there’s not much left to learn about the brothers who have grown up right before our eyes, but Jimmy Fallon knew just how to get some more juicy secrets out of them with a little game called “Know Your Bro.”

The late-night comedy show host brought the trio on The Tonight Show to ask them questions about each other.

While one brother wore noise-canceling headphones, the other two answered questions about him. Then the subject would remove the headphones and guess his brothers’ responses. The results were hilarious and a little revealing. Read on to see what we learned.

Nick really loves shoes 

Jonas Brothers
Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, and Kevin Jonas | Zachary Mazur/Getty Images

In the first question, Nick had to put on headphones while Joe and Kevin revealed what he has that makes them most jealous. The answer? His shoe collection. Both brothers agree that Nick has a lot of really nice shoes.

They even remarked that Nick has more shoes than his fashionable wife Priyanka Chopra Jones, which is really saying something because she’s known for her ability to pull off any look

Kevin was not much of a wild child

The second question featured Kevin’s childhood antics, and the brothers revealed the worst thing he did as a kid that their parents didn’t know about at the time. They struggled to come up with any specific story and said that Kevin snuck out a few times and did a little underage drinking but got away with it.

When Kevin gets the chance to guess their answers, the worst thing that he can think of is taking younger brother Joe with him to a tattoo parlor where neither brother actually got a tattoo (since they were both still underage).

On the whole, it sounds like Kevin was a pretty well-behaved kid—or there are still more secrets waiting to be uncovered.

Joe’s bachelor party was a hit

The final question was about Joe’s recent bachelor party. Although Joe and Sophie Turner got married earlier this year, they decided to treat their friends and families to some wild and crazy times in Spain in honor of their nuptials.

Nick and Kevin fondly remember the night, starting with the fact that the police were called on the loud revelers—three times! In addition, Joe ripped off his own shirt and then went on to rip the shirts off of two of his friends. Finally, he made himself a bandana from a tequila box so that he proudly wore the numbers “1942” across his head for the entire day. 

Joe was able to correctly guess which of the antics his brothers shared about his party when he removed his headphones, making him the winner of “Know Your Bro.”