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After weeks of waiting, The Mandalorian fans finally saw Ahsoka Tano in action. This episode came with a few exciting character milestones, including the revealed name of Baby Yoda. Here’s our recap of Chapter 13 of this Star Wars series, titled “The Jedi.”

[This article contains major spoilers from season 2, episode 5 of this Disney+ original series. Read at your own risk.]

The Jedi named Ahsoka Tano is after something

Viewers are put into a new planet with someone ringing a gong and others running away in a panic. Not two far away, there’s a warrior with two lightsabers fighting, (and winning.) It’s Ahsoka Tano. Thanks to the fog, she’s able to kill and quickly disappear. 

She approaches the woman in charge, asking for her knowledge. This ruthless leader of the village isn’t easily persuaded, though. Meanwhile, the Mandalorian and the Child land on Ahsoka Tano’s planet. 

It’s pretty decimated but the Mandalorian decides to head into town — you know, the same one that our Jedi visited a day ago, and they’re not exactly comfortable with visitors. Still, when the Mandalorian says he’s part of the Guild, they let him in. 

The Magistrate gives the Mandalorian a job

Just when the Mandalorian starts talking to people in the town, the “Magistrate” wants to see the bounty hunter and the Child. He goes with the guards that called him, seeing a few prisoners along the way. 

She asks him to kill the Jedi that plagues her and he doesn’t really want to take the job. (He’s, of course, trying to meet her and talk to her, though.) The Mandalorian asks where he’ll find the Jedi and that takes him outside of the city. 

The Mandalorian hears something and sets the Child down. Then, Ahsoka Tano attacks. As soon as the Mandalorian mentions their mutual friend, though, and says they need to talk, she pauses. When she sees the Child, she puts her lightsabers away. The two communicate somehow and their conversation lasts until nightfall. It’s then that viewers learn of the Child’s name — Grogu. 

Ahsoka Tano says that she only knows one other being like this, a Jedi master named Yoda. She explains that the Force gives him his “powers.” The following morning, she gives him a test to see what’s lurking in his mind. At first, he’s not super interested in anything besides holding a stone.

Then, Ahsoka Tano wants to see if Grogu will listen to the Mandalorian. She gives the Bounty Hunter the stone and asks him to talk to the Child. After pulling out that piece of the ship that he loves, it works. As a result, the Jedi thinks he’s too fearful to train and she won’t do it. 

The Mandalorian and The Child
Pedro Pascal | Lucasfilm/Disney+

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The Mandalorian teams up with Ahsoka Tano

The Mandalorian decides to make a deal with Ahsoka Tano. He’ll help her get rid of the Magistrate and help the village if she agrees to train Grogu. They’re facing a lot though, and Ahsoka says to not underestimate the Magistrate, either, she used to help create Imperial Starfleets. Together, though, a Mandalorian and a Jedi, they’ll never see it coming.

Ahsoka Tano breaks into the village and flings a piece of the Mandalorian’s armor at the Magistrate, telling her that the bounty hunter failed. The Magistrate, in a fury, tells her guards to execute the prisoners she has and then go door to door. 

Just then, the Mandalorian jumps down and saves the prisoners, while Ahsoka Tano is dodging other guards on the roofs of buildings. Or rather, they’re dodging her two lightsabers. The prisoners and townspeople manage to find shelter and now, there’s only one guard left with the Mandalorian and the Magistrate left to face Ahsoka. 

After listening to the Magistrate and the Jedi face-off, the Mandalorian and guard hear the Magistrate’s beskar spear hit the floor. The Mandalorian shoots the guard and Ahsoka asks her question one final time, presumably killing her in the process. 

The next day, the villages celebrate and Ahsoka gives the Mandalorian the beskar spear as payment. A little upset, he goes back to the ship to give the Child to the Jedi Master to begin his training. The Jedi still feels bad about training him and separating the pair.

As a result, she says there’s one other alternative. If they travel to another planet and if the Mandalorian places the Child on the Jedi Temple, then Grogu may choose his own path. The duo leaves again.