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The myth of The Monkees as a happy quartet was shattered with the release of the 2000 film Daydream Believers. The movie depicted Peter Tork, Davy Jones, Mike Nesmith, and Micky Dolenz’s fight to be taken seriously as musicians and their personal experiences with one another. However, a little-known altercation between Peter and Davy shocked fans, leading Peter to admit, “the little sucker hit me first.”

Davy Jones and Peter Tork the Monkee mania 87 Australian Tour in 1987.
Davy Jones and Peter Tork pictured in 1987 | Ian Charles Cugley/Fairfax Media via Getty Images

What was ‘Daydream Believers’ about?

Daydream Believers: The Monkees Story brought the tale of the made-for-TV band full circle. The film spans the complete cycle of the band, from the television cattle-call casting sessions, through their breakup, which is precipitated by a couple of the band members taking themselves too seriously.

Despite their disparate backgrounds and ambitions, they click as a unit and, for the most part, enjoy each other’s company. However, it also highlights several other moments, including Mike’s infamous wall punch, their distress at not being recognized for their musical talents, and a fight between Peter Tork and Davy Jones. This moment is immortalized in the film. But according to Peter Tork, he was defending himself.

Peter Tork opened up about his fight with Davy Jones

Davy Jones and Peter Tork on the set of 'The Monkees.'
Davy Jones and Peter Tork | NBCUniversal via Getty Images

In an interview with the Tampa Bay Times, Peter discussed the film and the scene that stunned most Monkees fans. In a particularly tense scene in the VH1 movie, Peter and Davy fight physically. It seemed an unlikely occurrence between mild-mannered Peter and his pal.

Peter admits, “Yeah, I hit him once.” He joked, “My conscience was stricken for years.”

He followed that statement with, “Of course, the little sucker hit me first.” However, Peter is portrayed as throwing the first punch in the film.

However, Peter says that’s not the way the incident occurred. “He hit me in the jaw with his forehead. He did this thing called a nutter, which is a soccer hooligan maneuver. You use your forehead.” He followed up by defending himself.

Peter Tork says that despite the fight, he had a ‘crush’ on Davy


Peter Tork Once Called Davy Jones the ‘Best Natural Musician’ of All The Monkees

As he discussed his relationship with each band member, Peter revealed his genuine affection for Davy. The past had not diminished his respect for the band’s lead singer.

While he did not mention Mike in his response about which band members he was closest to, he did note his friendships with Micky and Davy. “It’s different with each. Mickey’s the best pal, but my heart connection is biggest with Davy. Davy is capable of as much heart as anyone I’ve ever met. I had a crush on Davy for a while.”

After Davy’s 2012 death, Peter wrote a passage for The Hartford Courant, as reprinted by The State Journal-Register. “I was close to David (as I almost always called him), and I got to know him as few others could. I’ve often said I loved, liked, and respected each of the other three Monkees in different proportions. I don’t often say that I loved David the most.”