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‘The Pioneer Woman’: Ree Drummond’s Daughter Paige Drummond Admits She’s Jealous of Sister Alex for 1 Hilarious Reason

One of 'The Pioneer Woman' star Ree Drummond's daughters said she's jealous of her sister for her recent Olive Garden experience. Alex Drummond and her husband Mauricio visited an Olive Garden restaurant and were even given chef's coats. Paige Drummond said she was salty because she missed out on a similar opportunity years ago.

Ree Drummond’s daughter Paige Drummond admitted she was jealous of her sister Alex for getting to have an experience she once passed up. The Pioneer Woman star’s daughter Alex admitted that it ended up being in the “top 5 experiences” she’s ever had!

Ree and Ladd Drummond posing with Bryce, Todd, and Paige Drummond at The Pioneer Woman magazine event
Ree and Ladd Drummond with their kids | Monica Schipper/Getty Images for The Pioneer Woman Magazine

Paige Drummond said she is ‘salty’ and ‘so jealous’ about Alex Drummond’s Olive Garden experience

During an Instagram Live session, Alex and Paige answered fan questions and someone brought up Alex and her husband Mauricio’s recent visit to Olive Garden. The two had a great date night and the restaurant even gifted them with chef coats.

Paige, it turns out, was offered a similar invitation a couple of years ago and is now kicking herself that she passed it up.

After Alex and Mauricio were asked, “When’s your next Olive Garden outing?” Paige explained how she felt jealous. “Do y’all want to hear how salty I am about this?” Paige asked.

“So I post about Olive Garden like two or three years ago and tagged them on my [Instagram] story because I went there with some friends,” she continued. “And they DM’d me and like wanted me to come to Olive Garden and eat. And I just like left them on read.”

Fast-forward to this summer when Alex and her husband had a fabulous time at the restaurant. “And then I see Alex going and she gets the chef’s coats! And no I’m so jealous that I’m mad at myself for not responding,” Paige said of missing out on the same experience.

Alex confirmed that it was a great time. “It was honestly probably in the top 5 experiences of our entire life,” she said, rubbing it in. “It was really fun.”


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Alex Drummond loves Olive Garden

According to The Pioneer Woman site, earlier in the summer, Drummond’s daughter Alex put her love of Olive Garden out into the universe, explaining on Instagram that it’s “one of the best restaurants in existence.” She went on to explain, “The salad, the breadsticks, good pasta — not gourmet, but good pasta — and the atmosphere. You feel like you are in an Italian kitchen! I’m just kidding, the Italians would probably not agree with me.”

Unfortunately, not everyone agreed with her when she posted a poll. “My own husband will not go with me to Olive Garden, my friends don’t really wanna go,” Alex said. “No one really wants to go to Olive Garden and I’m like, I want to go to Olive Garden,” she explained. “So I want to form an alliance with people that feel the same way.”

The couple took fans along for Alex’s husband’s “first Olive Garden experience.” He loved the delicious breadsticks and salad, then dug into a super hearty trio of pasta and chicken parmesan. Alex kept it simple with a big plate of spaghetti and meat sauce.

After their meal, they opened their gifts, chef coats with “Mr” and “Mrs” embroidered on them. Naturally, they wore them all the way home.