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Matthew Perry sent fans into a frenzy on Feb. 6 when he tweeted that he got kicked out of therapy. The tweet received over 2,500 comments and was shared 2,700 times. Perry followed up his tweet the next day telling his fans to relax. He wasn’t officially kicked out for good, just asked to leave for the day. The actor famed for his role in Friends publicly battled addiction issues in the 1990s but has somewhat fallen out of the spotlight since Friends ended in 2004.

Perry’s medical problems

Perry resurfaced on Twitter in September after a six-month hiatus to inform his fans he had spent the last three months in a hospital bed. The lengthy hospital stay was due to emergency surgery to repair a gastrointestinal perforation, according to Newsday.  After emergency surgery, the Friends alum needed to be monitored by staff. The operation took place in June.

Gastrointestinal perforation is a hole in the digestive tract. It can happen anywhere along the small or large intestine. There are several causes for a gastrointestinal perforation, including diseases of the bowels and opioid addiction.

Perry has been open about his battle with addiction. He first checked himself into rehab in 1997 to battle an addiction to alcohol and prescription painkillers. Perry began drinking as a teenager, and has said he doesn’t remember three seasons of Friends due to his alcohol abuse. He suffered from pancreatitis in 2000 and required hospitalization. The pancreatitis diagnosis is related to alcohol abuse.

Perry checked himself into rehab again in 2001, this time to deal with his addiction to opioids. According to Perry, the opioid dependency stemmed from a jet ski accident. He noted that he took the pills, without question, to deal with the pain from the crash, and suddenly found himself addicted. Perry testified in front of Congress in 2013 regarding the opioid crisis and the need for drug court funding.

Why did Matthew Perry get kicked out of therapy?

While Perry has reportedly been clean and sober since 2001 the actor who admits to being a perfectionist, still needs to put in the work to stay that way. Dr. Drew broke down exactly what might have happened with Perry in therapy for E!. Dr. Drew explains that a therapist may choose to end a session or work with a client if they feel the client isn’t putting in the effort that they need to be putting in to get better.

A patient may also be kicked out of therapy for a session or for good if they are behaving poorly during the meeting. Combative, threatening or difficult behavior may cause a therapist to terminate a session, likely to give the client time to calm down.

Perry did not elaborate on the reason he was asked to leave therapy but did note he was back in session, where he belonged. Perry has been notoriously secretive about the cause of his medical issues or why he is currently seeking therapy.

What has Matthew Perry been doing since Friends?

Following the success of Friends, Perry starred in several movies including 17 Again. He has also appeared in a variety of television series since the famed show ended. Perry starred as Oscar Madison in the reboot of The Odd Couple from 2015 to 2017, according to IMDB.

He has also worked with several non-profits that deal with drug addiction, and criminal convictions pertaining to drugs, according to I am Sober. He even refurbished his California mansion to serve as a halfway house for individuals released from rehabilitation centers.

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