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Prince Harry’s 39th birthday came without the usual public fanfare from the royal family’s social media accounts. This break from tradition has set tongues wagging, especially given Harry’s once-high standing in the line of succession to the throne.

The silence isn’t just a one-off incident but appears part of a broader policy shift within the royal family. After King Charles’ ascent to the throne, public birthday acknowledgments from The Firm have been reserved for working royals. And Harry no longer belongs to this category since his departure in 2020.

The royal family ignores Prince Harry’s birthday 

Harry’s relationship with the royal family has been tense since his high-profile exit from royal duties a couple of years back. 

He has notably missed out on various family events, and the royals have been mum about him, even after the release of his explosive book, Spare.

The fact that the royal family failed to publicly acknowledge Harry’s recent birthday has caught people’s attention. This is especially significant given that Harry was once third in the queue for the British throne.

According to Yahoo, rumors swirled that perhaps Prince William might reach out privately with a birthday text to Harry. However, the public will likely remain in the dark about any such private exchanges.

The lack of acknowledgment only further cements the idea that the fissures in Prince Harry’s relationship with his family are far from mended.

This is why The Firm remained silent on the Duke of Sussex’s birthday

Celebrating his 39th birthday at the 2023 Invictus Games in Germany alongside Meghan Markle, Harry’s special day went largely unacknowledged by the royal family’s social media channels. Previously, royal birthdays were a staple on their official platforms.

Yet this year, the royal family’s social media accounts remained silent. This includes @RoyalFamily, the account that highlights the activities of King Charles and Queen Camilla, among others, and @KensingtonPalace, managed by William and Kate Middleton.

Ever since King Charles took the crown last year, the policy shifted. According to People, now only working royals and some of their offspring get birthday shout-outs online.

Harry and Meghan relinquished their royal responsibilities in 2020 and relocated to California, so they no longer fit the criteria for a royal social media salute.

This could explain why Meghan’s 42nd birthday in August also flew under the royal radar despite earlier traditions of public recognition.

Another birthday tradition Prince Harry will miss

Another royal birthday custom that Harry will miss out on involves the bells of Westminster Abbey.

The iconic London landmark was once renowned for sounding its bells in honor of multiple royal birthdays. But that changed due to financial constraints brought on by the COVID-19 crisis.

Before 2020, the bells rang for 12 key royals, including Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, their four kids—Charles, Anne, Andrew, and Edward—and Charles’ wife, Camilla. The list included William, Kate, and their trio of youngsters: George, Charlotte, and Louis.


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However, in the Abbey’s bell-tolling calendar for 2022, it became apparent that only Queen Elizabeth and Charles would receive this honor.

After Queen Elizabeth died in September 2022, another adjustment was made. Currently, the bells toll exclusively for King Charles, Queen Camilla, Prince William, and Princess Kate on their birthdays.