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Parks and Recreation kept fans entertained from 2009 to 2015. The series was known for being a comedy hit, and people might not be too surprised to find out that the cast members had a lot of fun together even when the cameras were not rolling.

On the YouTube show Hot Ones, Aubrey Plaza (who played April Ludgate) shared of a prank that she did on an unsuspecting co-star. Read on below to find out what Plaza did and what other pranks the cast members had to endure.

Aubrey Plaza on the red carpet
Aubrey Plaza | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Aubrey Plaza played a terrifying prank on Adam Scott

Plaza revealed that she once set out to scare Adam Scott (who played Ben Wyatt) by setting up a toilet goblin in his trailer. A toilet goblin is a fake monster that one can attach to the toilet lid with suction cups. It remains hidden when the lid is closed but pops out when somebody opens the lid.

“I bought a toilet goblin online, and I put it in Adam Scott’s toilet in his trailer,” Plaza said on Hot Ones, though she did not reveal what Scott’s reaction to the goblin was.

Chris Pratt and Nick Offerman also had their own practical jokes

According to Plaza, she was definitely not the only person who bothered co-stars for fun. She shared that Chris Pratt (who played Andy Dwyer) and Nick Offerman (who played Ron Swanson) were notorious on the Parks and Recreation set for farting a lot.

“I don’t think they’re that funny,” Plaza said. “Neither does Amy [Poehler, who played Leslie Knope]. Without fail, anytime the two of them are in a scene together, they would rip one… and it would make us so angry.”

Fans of the show can see these infamous farts in some of the gag reels, including the ones for seasons 6 and 7.

The cast members of ‘Parks and Recreation’ were friends and are still close today

The fact that the cast members of Parks and Recreation played many pranks on each other is a testament to how close they were. In fact, there have been many stories from the set of the show that really drive home this point.

For example, the actors had a lot of fun together when filming. It has been shared that after filming the final take for every scene, the cast members were often given the chance to improvise their lines and try out dialogues that they wanted to do.

Amy Poehler once shared that these so-called “fun runs” brought a lot of laughter on to the set for both the cast and crew.

The actors supported each other through rough times as well. Poehler revealed in her book that, after her divorce from ex-husband Will Arnett, Plaza dressed up as an alien and greeted her at the airport.

After Parks and Recreation ended in 2015, the cast members continued to talk to each other. Plaza once told Ellen DeGeneres that they still have a group chat that is regularly updated.

Plaza shared: “We’re all so busy so it’s not like we see each other all the time, but we have like a mass texting chain and someone updates it probably every other day so it’s like — you know we’re all still spiritually, technologically connected.”

Will there ever be a ‘Parks and Recreation’ revival or reboot?

Various cast members have shared that, since they really enjoyed shooting the show together, they would not mind reuniting for revival or reboot. However, there should still be a good story in order to get everyone back together.

The show’s creator, Mike Schur, once said: “The chance to do it again should it arise would be incredible, but I think that we would all only do it if we felt like it was something compelling us to do it.”