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The Teen Mom franchise has spent years chronicling the sometimes chaotic lives of several women and men who became parents as teenagers. Over the years, the series has shared the triumphs of those teenage parents, but it’s also documented their struggles. MTV’s film crews have captured some seriously dramatic moments over the years. We’ve collected three of the most shocking Teen Mom scandals of all time. 

‘Teen Mom’ scandal #1: Janelle Evans pulls a gun in road rage incident 

Jace Evans spent most of his young life living with his grandmother, Barbara Evans, but that doesn’t mean his mother didn’t endanger his safety on multiple occasions. While Jenelle Evans has had a ton of scandals over the years, Teen Mom 2 fans are still shocked that Jenelle pulled a gun on another motorist with her school-aged son in the car. 

In 2018, Jenelle was driving through North Carolina with Jace in the car when another motorist brake-checked her. Janelle, unable to control her temper, drove recklessly. She followed the other driver to his home. From there, things escalated. Eventually, she pulled a gun on the motorist. MTV opted to air the footage but cut the scene before Jenelle reached for her weapon. No one was hurt in the incident. Still, fans were furious that Jenelle, once again, did not face any significant consequence for her actions. The mother of three later lied about the incident despite knowing there was footage of everything that happened. 

‘Teen Mom’ scandal #2: Amber Portwood goes to jail 

Amber Portwood, just like Jenelle Evans, was known for her temper and her penchant for arguments. Things got out of hand more than once, but a 2011 incident was the worst captured on film. In 2011, Portwood was hauled in by police for domestic battery. She was also charged with drug possession, which threatened her custody of her then-toddler daughter, Leah Shirley. 

Amber Portwood, who just lost her custody battle for her son, smiles and poses at an event.
Amber Portwood | Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Portwood was given the chance to complete a rehab program instead of heading to prison. Multiple failed drug tests and a lack of commitment from Portwood led to a prison sentence. She served 17 months of a 60-month sentence. Amber was released in 2013. Amber’s daughter, Leah, has resided primarily with her father, Gary Shirley, since. Amber’s second child, James Glennon, lives in California with his father, Andrew Glennon. A judge granted custody of James to Andrew following another domestic violence incident. 

‘Teen Mom’ scandal #3: MTV cameras capture Ryan Edwards falling asleep behind the wheel 

In 2017, Ryan Edwards’ substance abuse issues were in the spotlight when MTV captured footage of Edwards heading to his wedding with his soon-to-be-ex, Mackenzie Standifer, by his side. The footage showed Edwards, clearly under the influence of drugs, falling asleep at the wheel as he cruised down a Tennessee road to his wedding destination. In the clip, fans can see Standifer nudging Edwards awake. 


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Following his wedding vows, Ryan entered a rehab program, although he would go on to have several drug-related run-ins with the law. Teen Mom OG fans were infuriated by the footage and the fact that MTV kept Edwards on the air after the incident. He was eventually fired, but his dismissal had absolutely nothing to do with the filmed DUI. Teen Mom Fanz recently reported that the father of three is in talks to appear in Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. MTV has yet to announce a premiere date for a new season.