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Promos for The Vampire Diaries touted a love triangle between Elena Gilbert and the Salvatore brothers, but once the Mikaelsons joined the story, it became much more than that. In Season 3 of TVD, Klaus and Caroline stole the show, giving Damon and Elena a run for their money as the show’s most popular ‘ship.’

'The Vampire Diaries' actor Candice King smiling
Candice King | Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Caroline and Klaus’ passionate, nearly forbidden romance was one of the show’s most beloved pairings. The sexual tension between the very bad boy and the good girl had fans shipping them, garnering them the nickname Klaroline. 

Caroline brought out a softer side of Klaus

At first, it seemed like Klaus only cared about himself, his ability to live forever, and his army of Hybrids. Then it became clear that Klaus cared about his siblings and his old friendship with Stefan Salvatore. But Klaus’s feelings for Caroline are the first time that The Vampire Diaries show how different he can be when he cares about someone.

Klaus shows a softer side when he talks to Caroline right before he gives her his blood to heal the bite from the hybrid, Tyler. Caroline’s first birthday as a vampire almost kills her. While she could choose to die, Klaus tells her that if she decides to live, there is a whole world to see and explore.

When their paths cross again years later in Klaus’ final moments, Caroline admits to him that while he may have been a bad guy to many people, she knows he was never the villain in her story. With her, Klaus was able to express his softer, more lighthearted side rather than the antagonistic one he usually exhibited against Elena and the Salvatore brothers, and practically everyone he encountered.

Candice King doesn’t get why fans were so into Klaus and Caroline

The Vampire Diaries followed Caroline and her connections with her various romantic interests. After his breakup with Elena, Stefan turned to Caroline, and the two quickly developed a close bond that viewers widely praised. Then Caroline and Stefan tied the knot in an unexpected turn of events, as their romance didn’t appear until the show’s latter half. 

While Caroline and Stefan’s pairing may have been foreshadowed in earlier seasons of The Vampire Diaries, not all viewers agree that they make a good match or that their storyline is compelling. TVD fans think Caroline should have ended up with Klaus instead of Stefan. However, King, who plays Caroline Forbes in TVD, seems to differ. 

In an interview with Stage Right Secrets, King expressed how she didn’t get why fans were so into Klaus and Caroline, as Klaus was such an evil person. She said, “I just never got it. I love Joseph Morgan. We loved working together … I just never saw these characters together ’cause he was really diabolically evil.” 

‘TVD’ showrunner Julie Plec thought Caroline and Klaus ending up together would have dishonored Stefan


‘The Originals’ Fans Think Klaus Loved a Different Love Interest More Than Caroline

Speaking to TV Line, Plec said she originally planned a happy ending for Caroline and Klaus but scrapped the idea because she didn’t want to dishonor Stefan. Though Caroline and Klaus shared a strong connection, the TVD creator felt it wouldn’t be right for Caroline to completely forget about Stefan after they got married and he died.

She said, “I think they could have ended up together. They could have had a moment together or a series of long moments together. As a fan, I didn’t want to dishonor Stefan by having Klaus become Caroline’s one true love.” 

Plec didn’t want to risk undermining the significance of Stefan’s death in The Vampire Diaries by suggesting that Klaus was Caroline’s true love all along. According to her, Caroline and Klaus had a beautiful, lasting connection, and sometimes that’s enough!