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Meghan McCain and Ana Navarro turned up the heat on The View after the two had an argument about whistleblowers. The Nicaraguan-born commentator returned to the ABC morning show panel with a bang, unleashing her feistiness. The drama turned to be too much for McCain to handle that she ended up storming off of the set.

Ana Navarro and Meghan McCain
Ana Navarro and Meghan McCain | Lorenzo Bevilaqua/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images /

Why were Ana Navarro and Meghan McCain trending on Twitter?

The “Hot Topics” table was on fire when the ladies of The View talked about the reported whistleblower who filed a complaint about Donald Trump and an unspecified “promise” to a foreign leader.

McCain related the whistleblower to that of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. The political analyst said that she doesn’t understand how some Democrats had an issue with the latter and had no problem with the former.

Navarro then made a joke invoking Stephen Miller was “dating a human being and not an inflatable.” The audience roared with laughter with Meghan drowning them out and yelling, “I don’t know what that means.”

“It’s an attempt at humor,” Navarro replied.

As the conversation got heated, McCain tried to clarify her earlier comments relating Assange and the Trump whistleblower. As Abby Huntsman was backing up McCain and her point, Navarro started making a point of her own.

That’s when McCain interjected yelling, “Excuse me.”

“You know, I’m two feet away. Don’t need you to scream at me this way,” Navarro told McCain.

“I don’t know what you just said,” McCain dismissed her.

“I said don’t scream at me, I’m two feet away,” Navarro repeated more clearly so McCain could understand her.

McCain was left speechless as the audience gasped at Navarro’s snap.

“You know what, that’s so rude Ana, welcome back,” McCain is heard saying as Joy Behar sent to commercial break.

As the theme song played loudly in the studio, McCain took a sip of the drink in her cup and started getting off of her chair. The camera quickly took the attention away from the table and showed the audience who were all making weird faces. They were all seeing that McCain was storming off of the set as viewers at home were able to catch a glimpse as the image faded to black.

Fans react to quarrel

The View fans love when the ladies get into heated arguments. When the video went viral it didn’t take long before Navarro and McCain became trending topics. Most of the comments were in favor of the CNN Republican pundit and completely shunned the late John McCain’s daughter.

“Dayum, Ana Navarro was on The View this morning and put Meghan McCain in her place,” a viewer tweeted. “Glad she did, Meghan is always rude, blurts out conspiracy theories, is often annoyingly loud and talks over people. Ana wasn’t having any of her sh** today. Well done.”

“I want to high-five Ana Navarro for making Meghan McCain storm off [the] stage like a child. The absolute best,” a Navarro sympathizer wrote.

Some fans questioned why McCain has not been let go already as they claim she has ruined the show originated by Barbara Walters.

“Why hasn’t Meghan McCain been fired? She ruined The View. Ana Navarro is so much more professional and rational,” the fan commented.


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“I love the way Ana Navarro treats Meghan, who’s entitled and holier than though. The View, please fire Meghan McCain,” another tv watched added.

Other fans of the ABC talk show felt that McCain was actually dissing her accent.

“Stop using these dog whistles for people on the alt-right, how can you say you can’t hear what Ana Navarro was saying, [when] you are one seat away from her? Trying to use that as an impediment because she was born in Nicaragua is tacky and tasteless,” the fan tweeted at McCain.

This isn’t the first time that Navarro and McCain quarrel on-air and we know it won’t be the last. Both are Republicans but on different sides of the spectrum.