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Although there is plenty of good-natured banter on The Voice, Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton are, indeed, friends in real life. In fact, they’ve been close friends for a long time. It’s hard to know that though if you watch them on their current TV show together. They are definitely on screen adversaries in TVs favorite musical competition. 

Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton are on-screen enemies

As Kelly joined the ranks of judges on The Voice, she instantly became one of Blake Shelton’s on-air enemies. He is very clear about his desire to win the show and he has been successful at taking home several victories. Kelly is a clear threat to him with her musical know-how and excellent talent.

Blake even told People Magazine that he is in it to win. “Make no mistake, Kelly is my friend,” Shelton explains, “But when she’s on this show, she is my enemy.” It is apparent he means business if you look at his “frenemy” history with co-star Adam Levine as well.

‘The Voice’ isn’t their only project together

The musical pair have also recently worked together on the family film “UglyDolls”. Blake is the voice of animated UglyDoll, Ox, the leader of Uglyville. Kelly voices Moxy, who is the heroine of the story. The movie is all about embracing our differences, which is an important topic to both Shelton and Clarkson who find themselves role models to youth around the world.  Both Kelly and Blake attended the premiere of the film with their entire families in tow.

Blake’s manager may have a conflict of interest

Blake’s long-time manager is also Kelly’s husband, Brandon Blackstock. It allows for the singers so share quite a few jokes on the subject of Blackstock’s loyalty. While Shelton claims he had a hand in connecting Clarkson and Blackstock, that doesn’t necessarily mean Blackstock roots for Shelton to win The Voice. In fact, it looks like Blackstock abides by the theory “happy wife, happy life” and tries not to take sides.

Clarkson mentions to People, that her husband is “like Switzerland,” she says. “I always do say though that at least I put out.” She jokes, about why Blackstock should support her rather than Blake.

Kelly looks up to Blake

The American Idol winner definitely has some sweet things to say about her co-star Blake Shelton. Aside from his long and successful music career he also has been a support to her through various aspects of her professional life.

She posted a sweet photo of the two of them together on Instagram in 2017 with the caption “Thanks @blakesheltonfor being there for me today @variety“Power of Women” I hate giving speeches and I know you don’t like to either so give it up y’all for having great friends that will be there for you!”That’s not the only time she’s sang his praises. Kelly tells interviewers that “He’s like the sweetest person ever…he’s actually the nicest human ever and yeah, he’s like the greatest big brother.”  

Blake likes Kelly, too

He has some nice things to say about Clarkson too. The pair have even been on double dates and have spent time relaxing in Gwen Stefani’s home together. “We’ve been friends forever,” he says. “She makes everything fun.” He goes on to talk about how Kelly sometimes has “freak out” fan girl moments in regards to his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani. Blake thinks it’s cute when Kelly gets a little giddy around Gwen. Kelly just really loves talented artists and she listened to Gwen’s band No Doubt as a kid. 

Their friendship is strong. The fact that Gwen and Kelly get along well is certainly a nice bonus. We’ll see how their friendship fares as the competition of Season 17 of The Voice continues this fall.