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NBC’s The Voice Season 23 finale is over, and fans are ready to hear more about The Voice Season 24 coaches. Blake Shelton is leaving The Voice after season 23, and Reba McEntire is set to take his place. Unfortunately, a source claims his wife, Gwen Stefani, who’s also a coach in season 24, doesn’t want anything to do with McEntire.

Gwen Stefani standing next to a sitting Blake Shelton on 'The Voice'
Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton on ‘The Voice’ | Trae Patton/NBC

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Coach Gwen Stefani is allegedly ‘gunning for’ new coach Reba McEntire in ‘The Voice’ Season 24

It doesn’t sound like Gwen Stefani and Reba McEntire will sustain a friendship on The Voice Season 24. A source told Radar Online that Stefani is “gunning for” McEntire this coming season.

“Gwen is gunning for Reba” so the newbie “falls in line,” the source alleged.

“Blake has been the king of the coaches since the start of the show and Gwen saw his departure as a chance to really shine and take over the reins,” another insider alleged.

Stefani’s coached The Voice contestants in the past, as she initially joined the series in season 7. And she admitted to feelings of jealousy in the past. On the show, Stefani said she felt “jealous” that Kelly Clarkson was making new music during the pandemic. Stefani spent her quarantine in Oklahoma with Shelton and her three kids.

“Me being jealous of you made me want to do music because during the pandemic when you were texting me …,” Stefani said while pointing to Clarkson. “She was texting me like all of these amazing songs that she had written and I’m thinking ‘How is she writing all of these songs.’ … I’m like ‘I have no time,’ like I’m cooking, cleaning, taking care of all of these kids.”

It’s unclear why Stefani would have beef with McEntire. Perhaps it’s because of the glowing review that Shelton gave McEntire ahead of his exit from The Voice.

Blake Shelton is excited for Reba McEntire to take over

While Gwen Stefani allegedly isn’t excited for Reba McEntire to coach in The Voice Season 24, Blake Shelton is.

“Well there’s a couple of things about Reba that makes her so special,” Shelton told Extra. “First of all, she’s just so authentic. I don’t know anybody country, or on the planet, [who is more authentic than] Reba, and that’s just the truth, but the other thing is her talent. She was born with this raw, natural talent that’s just unbelievable.”

Will Stefani and McEntire get along in the new season? Fans will find out in fall 2023.

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