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The Way Home has shed more light on one of its biggest mysteries. 

The March 3 episode of the Hallmark Channel drama provided more details about the White Witch, who was seen fleeing from a mob of men with torches in the show’s series premiere. The season 1 finale revealed that the witch was actually Kat Landry (Chyler Leigh), who had traveled back to 1814 to search for her missing younger brother Jacob (Remy Smith). But until now, it hasn’t been clear why those men were chasing Kat. Now, we know.    

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Way Home Season 2 Episode 6.] 

Kat tries to free Jacob in ‘The Way Home’ Season 2 Episode 6 

Susannah and Kat talking in 'The Way Home'
Watson Rose and Chyler Leigh in ‘The Way Home’ | ©2024 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Peter Stranks

At the end of the previous episode of The Way Home, Kat finally saw Jacob for the first time in more than two decades. He’s now an adult (played by Spencer MacPherson) who’s lived the majority of his life in the early 19th century. 

Unfortunately, Kat’s long-awaited reunion with her brother didn’t go as she hoped. Immediately after he returned to Port Haven on the ship the Bella Donna – and before Kat could even speak to him – Jacob was arrested on charges of treason.  

With Jacob behind bars, Kat teams up with his fiancee Susannah (Watson Rose) and Thomas Coyle (Kris Holden-Ried) to free him. Soon, they realize that Jacob hasn’t been arrested by British soldiers. He’s actually being held captive by Cyrus Goodwin (Tim Post) because Jacob had agreed to help Thomas steal part of Cyrus’s illegal shipment of rum. 

Together, the trio devises a plan to set Jacob free. Susannah, who was previously engaged to Cyrus, and Thomas will distract and drug Cyrus and his men. That will allow Kat to sneak into the Goodwin estate, find Jacob, and rescue him. 

Cyrus and his men chase Kat to the pond 

A man in 19th century clothing crouching and holding a rifle in 'The Way Home'
Rob Stewart in ‘The Way Home’ | ©2024 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Michael Tompkins

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Kat, Susannah, and Thomas put their risky plan into action. Initially, everything goes as they expected. Susannah successfully knocks out Cyrus and joins Kat to search for Jacob in the smuggling tunnels below the Goodwin estate. They find him, but he’s badly injured. Meanwhile, the drug Susannah gave Cyrus wears off prematurely and his men regain consciousness. To get Jacob to safety, Kat agrees to act as a decoy. She’ll distract Cyrus and his gang, allowing Susannah and Thomas to flee with Jacob. 

Kat confronts Cyrus, whose mind is still muddled from the effects of the jimsonweed. He thinks she was posing as Susannah, calls her a witch, and orders his men to pursue her. Kat runs to the pond, in a slightly different version of the scene from both the series premiere and the season 1 finale. Coyle joins the hunt and knocks over a man who is about to shoot Kat. As she flees, she drops the key to Jacob’s cell, which she found hidden among Jacob’s things in the basement after he vanished. The key is hidden in the dirt until it’s discovered more than 100 years later by a young Jacob, leading to its discovery by Kat, forming a causal loop. 

Kat reaches the pond and pauses for a moment on the bank. 

“I’ll be back for you Jacob. I promise,” she says, before jumping into the water and vanishing, to the astonishment of the men, including Coyle. 

What’s next for Kat? It’s a given that she’ll want to return to 1814 and see her brother. But now Cyrus, a powerful and feared figure in Port Haven, knows who she is. As a result, any trip to the past will be fraught with risk. Meanwhile, Jacob is also in a perilous position. He’s escaped by Goodwin for now, but how can he stay in Port Haven when there’s a target on his back?  

New episodes of The Way Home Season 2 air Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Hallmark Channel. Episodes also stream the next day on Hallmark Movies Now. 

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