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In the opening scene of HBO’s The White Lotus, viewers find out that someone died while vacationing at the luxurious resort in Hawaii. Shane Patton (Jake Lacy) is the only person fans know who is still alive after the week-long resort stay. Let’s look at every theory so far surrounding whose remains could be in the box on The White Lotus.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from The White Lotus Episode 1, “Arrivals”]

The White Lotus Alexandra Daddario as Rachel and Jake Lacy as Shane Patton
‘The White Lotus’ Episode 1 with Alexandra Daddario as Rachel and Jake Lacy as Shane Patton | Mario Perez/HBO

‘The White Lotus’: Did Rachel die?

The most obvious answer regarding who died in The White Lotus, is that it was Shane’s new wife, Rachel (Alexandra Daddario). She’s not with him in the airport and he becomes angry when two other travelers ask where his wife is. However, several fans believe that theory is too simple and there is another reason why Rachel isn’t with Shane at the airport.

In The White Lotus trailer for the upcoming episodes, viewers see that Mark Mossbacher (Steve Zahn) and Rachel chat at the bar. When the newlywed asks what the secret is to keeping the spark alive in a marriage, he admits that the spark died years ago. In scenes with Rachel and Shane, it’s evident that she is mad his mother, Kitty (Molly Shannon), invaded their honeymoon. Both marriages have rifts growing that viewers easily see.

“[Rachel and Mark] commiserate and get drunk and wind up in bed together, which then makes Rachel leave Shane and why Shane is alone in the airport,” one fan wrote on Reddit.

Many fans believe that Rachel does not die in The White Lotus because it’s too simple.

Could Paula die at the resort?

Also in The White Lotus trailer, viewers watch as Paula (Brittany O’Grady) becomes involved with one of the staff members. Olivia Mossbacher (Sydney Sweeney) questions her friend about who she sneaks out to see every night. Some fans believe that Paula might be the person who dies in The White Lotus.

“Murder theory — I’m thinking Paula is the one who winds up dead,” the Redditor wrote. “It looks like she is going to get involved with the local waiter at the resort and that could mean a bunch of bad things.”

Does Kitty die in ‘The White Lotus’?

Another theory regarding who died in The White Lotus involves Shane’s mother, Kitty. In the upcoming episode, viewers hear the way Kitty speaks to her new daughter-in-law.

“A lot of great girls came and went, but you won,” Kitty condescendingly says to Rachel. 

'The White Lotus' stars Connie Britton, Jolene Purdy and Molly Shannon posing for photographers at the Los Angeles Premiere
HBO’s ‘The White Lotus’ stars Connie Britton, Jolene Purdy and Molly Shannon | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

‘The White Lotus’ Episode 1 Recap, ‘Arrivals’ — Who Died?

Rachel feels like her mother-in-law considers her a “trophy wife.” From The White Lotus trailer, viewers believe that Rachel is very upset about Kitty joining their honeymoon, so she could be the one who dies.

“According to the HBO subtitle, it was ‘WOMEN REMAINS,’ another Redditor wrote. “I have 3 theories. Rachel killed the mother. The mother killed Rachel. Same as 1 and 2, but Shane killed the other one. He’s very rich, he can cover it up.”

Theory — Jon Gries dies in ‘The White Lotus’

The last theory about who died in The White Lotus involves someone who didn’t make an appearance in the limited HBO series, yet. Jon Gries is a recurring character, and appears in bed with Tanya McQuoid (Jennifer Coolidge) in The White Lotus trailer. However, he has a coughing fit, which makes viewers wonder if it’s not a murder at all.