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The Young and the Restless keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. No one ever knows what to expect, and the storylines have fans hooked every time. In its 48th season, the soap opera isn’t going anywhere. Created by William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell, The Young and the Restless is set in Genoa City, Wisconsin, and focuses mainly on the Brooks and Foster families.

With an amazing cast and excellent writing, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the show has such a huge fan base. Even so, that doesn’t mean every viewer agrees with all that the characters do. Recently, a storyline didn’t sit well with many viewers. Let’s discuss how Billy’s decision to fire Amanda didn’t exactly impress fans.

Who exactly are Billy and Amanda?

There are a lot of characters on The Young and the Restless, so let’s take the time to discuss exactly who Billy and Amanda are. Amanda Sinclair and Billy Abbott are portrayed by Mishael Morgan and Jason Thompson, respectively, and their relationship has definitely had its ups and downs. According to SoapDirt, there are always been some sexual tension between the two, which can get pretty complicated, given the fact that they are working together. So, what does the work involve? Well, as fans know,

Amanda accepted a position at Chancellor Communications. Since she’s an excellent lawyer, at first it seems like a great idea. However, Billy isn’t happy with the decision. Since he’s been recently dealing with some legal troubles, Amanda is acting as his attorney. He is facing prison for the shooting of Chance Chancellor, and Amanda is doing everything in her power to have the outcome be in his favor. Billy insists he is innocent, and fans know the bullet was meant for someone else.

Why did Billy make the snap decision to fire Amanda?

Most people who face serious charges tend to look for a lawyer with whom they can feel completely comfortable, and Billy is certainly not an exception to this rule. This is why it came as somewhat of a shock when he fired her on the spot after she explained what she was hoping to accomplish. Why the snap decision?

According to Soaphub, Billy didn’t feel he was receiving the support he needed and deserved. District Attorney Michael Baldwin offered him a plea deal to reduce his sentence, and he was strongly against it. After Amanda told him to stay calm, then said that the best she could do was to get him a prison sentence of about two years, he fired her on the spot. Naturally, the decision didn’t go well with Amanda.

Billy’s decision to fire Amanda didn’t impress fans 


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As it turns out, not a lot of fans agreed with the decision that Billy made. They know that his decision could backfire and that not having Amanda represent him could ultimately end with him receiving the maximum sentence of 10 years for the shooting. What do fans have to say? Some took to Twitter to express their feelings of how they didn’t see it coming and that they feel it was a mistake.

One person says “How can he fire Amanda?” and goes on to say that she was the only one that helped him. Another says that “Being firm with him was her duty”, clearly disagreeing with Billy’s decision to let her go. Looks like things are getting really interesting, and it will be great to see what happens next.