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The Young and the Restless Summer and Kyle have a thriving marriage. The pair have had their ups and downs, having known each other since childhood. They’ve even managed to stay together even with their warring mothers.

The pair adore their son Harrison, despite him not being Summer’s biological child. Harrison’s recent illness, however, cast a shadow of doubt on whether Kyle is really the child’s father.

'The Young and the Restless' actor Michael Mealor as Kyle Abbott
Michael Mealor as Kyle Abbott | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Tara Locke said Kyle was Harrison’s father

Tara Locke met Ashland Locke while working at an antique store. The pair got married, and Tara’s status changed when she became a reputable shoe designer. However, Tara and Ashland’s marriage was strained, and they stopped being intimate, which drove the lonely Tara into Kyle’s arms.

Tara and Kyle had an affair that ended when Kyle left New York. The affair resulted in a pregnancy, but Tara passed it off as Ashland’s at first. However, she conducted a secret DNA test which confirmed that Kyle was the child’s father.

Kyle found out about the child through Sally and Theo, but when he tried to ask Tara about it, she warned him about contacting her. She later told him to stop looking for Harrison, but Kyle, ever the resilient one, insisted on getting a DNA test as he noticed Harrison had a striking resemblance to him. He also knew that she and Ashland weren’t intimate at the time.

Tara told him not to bother as she’d already conducted the test, which concluded that he was the child’s father. He still went ahead and conducted his own DNA test, which revealed the same result as Tara’s. Kyle informed Ashland that he was the father, but Ashland refused to believe them and sued for custody, which he lost.

Harrison’s recent illness could raise questions about his parents

Harrison recently complained about feeling unwell and developed a fever. Diane, who was with the child, called the doctor who examined him and suggested they take him to the hospital for further tests. Harrison is revealed to have a fever but knowing how soaps like Y&R work, there may be a grave underlying issue that may require an organ transplant or blood transfusion of sorts in the future.

A possible explanation may be that Harrison may have gotten infected or picked up a bug while on their vacation. Alternatively, genetics might play a factor. The illness might reveal some uncomfortable truths about the child’s paternity. How?

If Harrison requires a blood transfusion or organ transplant, Kyle will be the first person the doctors look toward to facilitate the procedure. However, if his blood type doesn’t match that of Harrison’s, then it may raise questions about who Harrison’s father is.

Since Tara was having an affair when she had Harrison, it’s not entirely off the table her affair with Kyle was the only one she was having. The DNA test Tara ran might have tested other possible fathers that weren’t revealed.

How could Tara Locke have convinced everyone Harrison was Kyle’s son?


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If Harrison isn’t Kyle’s son, how would Tara manage to convince everyone that he was Harrison’s father despite two DNA tests? The most straightforward answer could be that Tara faked the DNA results and somehow manipulated the test Kyle had conducted. This isn’t an uncommon event in the soap world, as it has been done before (when Summer was made to believe she was Jack’s daughter by DNA test manipulation).

While it seems Harrison will be OK after his fever, that doesn’t mean a health scare won’t happen in the future, especially because fans have seen several children sick on the show in recent months. If that were to happen again, it’s possible Harrison’s paternity will come into question. But as of right now, it appears Kyle is Harrison’s father.