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Katie Maloney-Schwartz has been on Vanderpump Rules since its very first episode. Fans have tuned in for several years to watch Maloney-Schwartz navigate young adulthood and find her way through life.

As a TV star, Maloney-Schwartz is open about many aspects of her life. She has also talked about some difficult moments in her past as well. While it would be easy for Maloney-Schwartz to hide some of these traumatic life events away from the audience, the 34-year-old recently explained why she chooses not to do so.

Katie Maloney-Schwartz smiling, sitting in a chair
Katie Maloney-Schwartz | Charles Sykes/Getty Images

Katie Maloney-Schwartz has been open about difficulties in her life

On Vanderpump Rules, viewers saw Maloney-Schwartz deal with numerous friendship and relationship issues. Additionally, she also openly talked about other difficult events that never made it on air.

For example, Maloney-Schwartz has revealed that, in 2009, she slipped through a glass skylight and fell 25 feet. The incident has since made Maloney-Schwartz more appreciative of her body and taught her about resiliency.

Recently, Maloney-Schwartz and her husband, Tom Schwartz, opened up about their fertility journey. The couple has been trying to conceive a baby, and Maloney-Schwartz revealed she got an abortion about ten years ago when she and Schwartz first started dating.

Katie Maloney-Schwartz talks about her decision to be open about past traumas

Maloney-Schwartz recently appeared on the podcast Reality Life with Kate Casey, where she explained why it is important to her to be open about some difficult events.

“It’s something I still am trying to unpack and understand,” Maloney-Schwartz said about her traumatic fall. “Trauma to the brain impacts mood, personality, emotions … I wanted to share it not to gain sympathy, but to just open up a part of my past that maybe would have people connect with me a little bit more on what I’ve been through. Maybe other people have been through something like that.”

She added that her honesty could help some people find their experiences “less isolating.”

Additionally, Maloney-Schwartz shared that these life events also tie in with her and Schwartz’s current fertility journey.

“We had to start at the beginning, and the beginning is not a happy story,” she said. “But it was what we went through, and we have to be honest about it. I don’t try to paint a perfect picture of my life, of my relationship, obviously. I just want to paint it as honest as possible and hope that people appreciate that.”

She continued, “We all make mistakes, but we all do the best we can with what we’re given every single day.”

Katie Maloney-Schwartz has talked about people being ‘invasive’


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Although Maloney-Schwartz and her husband are willing to open up about some aspects of their marriage, including their journey to conceive, she has shared that other people could become “invasive.”

Back in October, she revealed on her podcast, You’re Gonna Love Me, that she had a conversation with Lisa Vanderpump that did not make her happy.

“When I sit down and I’m talking to Lisa and she’s like, ‘Well, why are you guys going to see a fertility doctor? Did you even try?’” Maloney-Schwartz said. “That question, I get where it was coming from. It was coming from a good place. But it can feel very invalidating and invasive because it’s like, yes I tried. Of course we tried.”

She added, “I think what people need to understand is … I get it, people are curious and they wanna know, but it’s rude. It just comes across as rude. And I get tired of being asked that, and I get tired of answering that.”