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In the wake of the Scandoval incident, contract negotiations for the cast of Vanderpump Rules have been temporarily suspended. The unexpected delay is a direct result of the explosive reunion, centered on Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss’ cheating scandal.

As the season 10 reunion unfolds, the ramifications of the scandal loom large, potentially paving the way for a revamped cast in season 11.

Ariana Madix and Andy Cohen during the ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 10 reunion
Ariana Madix and Andy Cohen | Nicole Weingart/Bravo

‘Vanderpump Rules’ is taking a ‘minute’ to figure out casting for season 11

Executive producer Alex Baskin has halted the contract negotiations for the Vanderpump Rules cast amidst the repercussions of the Scandoval incident. The news comes as the series is gearing up to air its explosive reunion episodes.

In an interview with Variety, Baskin revealed the collective viewpoint among executives. They believe it is highly advantageous for the cast members to step back from the show after the intense reunion special.

“I had thought that we needed cameras on them right away. And I now think we need a minute,” Baskin shared.

The hot topic at the reunion was the lengthy affair between Tom and Raquel. The shocking cheating scandal broke back in March, ending Tom’s nine-year romance with Ariana Madix.

The highly anticipated reunion, meanwhile, is set to kick off on May 24 on Bravo. In addition to the season 11 delay, Baskin revealed that the reunion will include “new information” about the scandal that was previously unknown.

‘Vanderpump Rules’ execs want everyone to have a break between seasons 

Due to the explosive revelations made during the Vanderpump Rules reunion, Baskin is giving the cast some personal space to process their emotions. The producer emphasized that the reunion goes beyond mere recaps or intensified emotions—it involves significant revelations. 

Hence, a breather is necessary. Baskin further expressed his desire for the cast members to watch the entire reunion before making a decision about their future on Vanderpump Rules.

The reunion reportedly features some intense shouting matches among the cast and even a physical altercation involving the Toms. The trailer also makes it clear that the cheating scandal will be the main focus of the episodes.

Vanderpump Rules fans will need to brace themselves for the thrilling first part of the reunion, airing on Wednesday, May 24. Part two will feature on Wednesday, May 31, and then concluding with part three on Wednesday, June 7.

The extra delay between seasons should give the Vanderpump Rules cast time to process the drama. The good news is that nobody has quit yet, though Baskin did reveal that saying yes to another season is difficult at the moment.

“I think everyone’s wrapping their heads around what that might mean,” Baskin explained. “No one’s saying no, I’ll say that — but I think it’s hard for anybody to say yes right now, because they feel like they haven’t gotten any reprieve.”

Producers are grappling with a major uncertainty regarding Raquel’s potential return. The Vanderpump Rules star is currently staying at a mental health facility and might not rejoin the series next season.


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If both Raquel and Tom choose to return, the subsequent hurdle would be persuading the cast to actually film with them. This challenge becomes even more significant since season 11 is slated to commence production within a few months.

Tom and Raquel have — supposedly — ended their relationship in light of the drama. Other cast members, meanwhile, have yet to comment about their future on the show.