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vaultboy and Eric Nam Collaborate on Remix of ‘everything sucks’

On May 21, vaultboy released his single 'everything sucks,' and it went viral on Spotify. After the song gained immense popularity, vaultboy dropped a remix of 'everything sucks' featuring singer-songwriter Eric Nam on Aug. 13. An official music video for 'everything sucks' featuring Nam and vaultboy premiered on YouTube Aug. 16.

On May 21, vaultboy released his viral single “everything sucks.” After the song gained immense popularity, vaultboy released a remix of “everything sucks” with Eric Nam on Aug. 13. An official music video for “everything sucks” featuring Nam and vaultboy premiered on Aug. 16.

Eric Nam and vaultboy sit side by side for a promotional photo for the song 'everything sucks'
(L-R) Eric Nam and vaultboy | Cody Pulliam

vaultboy and Eric Nam released a remix of ‘everything sucks’

When vaultboy dropped the original version of “everything sucks,” it shot to No. 1 on the Spotify Global Charts and remained at the top spot for nearly two weeks. The original track was written by vaultboy and gnash.

With the remix, Nam and vaultboy take turns singing the song’s verses and harmonize during each chorus. In the music video for the “everything sucks” remix, the singers’ chemistry is apparent, and their individual charisma shines through as well.

At the start of the music video, vaultboy sings, “But I went outside for the first time / In a few days and it felt nice / And I might try doing exercise.” He then looks at the camera and laughs before subtly adding, “Haha, not really.”

In the second verse, Nam brags, “Everything is better than it used to be / I didn’t write a song about my ex today.” Like vaultboy, he looks into the camera and declares, “This doesn’t count.”

vaultboy and Eric Nam shared statements about the single

After the song became available on streaming and music-purchasing platforms, both vaultboy and Nam released statements about “everything sucks” and the collaboration in a press release.

In vaultboy’s statement, he wrote:

“I am beyond stoked to have Eric on the everything sucks remix! I first met Eric after we collaborated on the song he performed with Sarah Barrios ‘Have We Met Before’, which I co-wrote. We shot a live performance video together for that song and we got along well, so when I was looking for someone to guest feature on ‘everything sucks’, Eric felt like a no brainer. He’s an awesome dude and crazy talented, and we share a lot of laughs when we work together, so it was a fun experience getting to work with him in the studio and shoot a music video together!”


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Nam shared a statement of his own, writing, “Working with vaultboy has been an incredibly fun experience and I’m excited for listeners and fans around the world to hear this remix.”

This is the artists’ second collaboration

While “everything sucks” is Nam and vaultboy’s first collaboration with both artists being featured on a song, the two previously worked together on another track. On April 30, singer-songwriter Sarah Barrios released the song “Have We Met Before” featuring Nam.

The song details the sensation of meeting a person that feels like someone we have known forever, and vaultboy collaborated with Barrios and Nam by working as a songwriter on the track.