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Wander Darkly is a different sort of out of body movie. The device of the movie may keep audiences guessing until it all falls into place. While the drama surrounds the specific circumstances of these characters played by Sienna Miller and Diego Luna, they are going through things that are universal. 

Join Sienna Miller and ‘Wander Darkly’

Adrienne (Sienna Miller) and Matteo (Diego Luna) are having an argument in the car when they get into an automobile accident. At the hospital, Adrienne thinks she’s died but Matteo assures her she’s just experiencing memory issues. The film jumps through time via Adrienne’s memories, or her family’s future without her. 

Wander Darkly: Diego and Sienna
Sienna Miller and Diego Luna | Lionsgate

Writer/director Tara Miele puts the audience in Adrienne’s sense of questioning reality. For whatever reason she is experiencing nonlinear events, the audience feels it too. Whether she’s Eternal Sunshining her memories or spying the aftermath of her death, Wander Darkly creates a believable surreal journey.

Scenes from everyone’s marriage 

We may be seeing scenes from Adrienne and Matteo’s marriage, but there are common elements that apply to every relationship. Adrienne forgets certain details and Matteo fills them in. This both explores their individual perspectives on the relationship, and creates a more complete picture than either individual could. 

For example, Adrienne thinks Matteo left her in a crisis early in their courtship. Matteo reminds her that he went to get help and returned. She worries that he wasn’t jealous when she flirted with another man. He thought she was rushing them to have kids. 

Now, those are some delicate issues. Adrienne was faithful but some part of her craves a bit of possessiveness on Matteo’s part. They did have a daughter, Ellie, but was the decision to have her uneven? 

Wander Darkly: Sienna Miller
Sienna Miller | Lionsgate

As they stroll through their memories, they both comment on what they said in the past, and what their friends told them on the side. It speaks to the delicate balance of honest communication. What you say may not be the whole story. What you say may not be what you believe and what you believe may not be the truth. 

‘Wander Darkly’ through exotic location

Many of these memories are set in lavish locations. Matteo and Adrienne have deep talks at a Mexican beach. They have other significant arguments at a Day of the Dead festival. These are quite dramatic backdrops for significant moments, and give the film a grand feel without visual effects. 

Wander Darkly Day of the Dead
L-R: Diego Luna, Sienna Miller and Aimee Carrero | Lionsgate

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Transitions between scenes are both subtle and jarring. They go to drastically different moments, and the direct route confronts the viewer without the safety of buildup. Miller and Luna give intense, heartfelt performances so be prepared to go on this journey with them.