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Country singer Miranda Lambert is currently putting on her Las Vegas residency, Miranda Lambert: Velvet Rodeo The Las Vegas Residency. On Oct. 11, Lambert released a music video for her song “Strange” filled with concert footage and clips of Lambert meeting fans.

Miranda Lambert performs during the CMA Summer Jam
Miranda Lambert | Connie Chronuk/ABC via Getty Images

Miranda Lambert released a music video for ‘Strange’

The release of the “Strange” music video comes in the midst of Lambert’s Velvet Rodeo residency. “Strange” is a single from Lambert’s 2022 album Palomino, which she released in April.

In the “Strange” music video, Lambert is seen performing “Strange” on stage in various outfits. The music video includes concert footage from The Bandwagon Tour show dates and from Lambert’s time headlining the Windy City Smokeout music festival.

The music video for “Strange” also features extensive footage of fans reacting to the song and fans meeting Lambert. The country singer is seen posing for photos with fans and signing autographs, while in the crowd fans sing along to the song.

The music video for “Strange” can be viewed below.

Fans reacted to the ‘Strange’ music video

After Lambert released the music video for “Strange,” fans of the country singer shared their thoughts in YouTube comments. Some fans reminisced about seeing Lambert perform live while others complimented Lambert’s performance style.

One fan commented on YouTube, “Great song and beautiful video. Sure wish Miranda would livestream or release a convert video for her fans!”

“Her residency at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas has been pretty awesome. The best female country singer of all time,” a YouTube user commented.

Another fan commented on YouTube, “Geez, I’ve been to 10+ of her concerts this year and just visited Vegas for her residency concerts and wow!!! She had a fantastic concert/show and this music video gives you some of the feel of her concerts. It’s quite the experience and fun. Miranda and her music, always topping one another. Lol. You go girl!”


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Other fans shared their appreciation for the song “Strange” and how Lambert included concert footage to bring the song’s message full circle.

One YouTube user commented, “Love this and Miranda sounds awesome singing ‘ Strange’. I see more ACM, CMA awards for this in the future!”

Another YouTube user commented, “Brilliant idea!!!! I love the juxtaposed idea. I can’t even IMAGINE how WEIRD it was to record things like The Grammys, the CMAs/ACMs, etc. To a totally empty audience. And yeah. These years have been effing STRANGE!!!!!”

What is Miranda Lambert’s song ‘Strange’ about?

Lambert released “Strange” as the seventh track on her 2022 album Palomino. The song was written by Lambert, Luke Dick, and Natalie Hemby.

In “Strange,” Lambert comments on how “strange” the “times” are and details how different people cope with the strangeness.

“Have a smoke, buy a round/ Get on a jetliner goin’ anywhere bound/ Pick a string, sing the blues/ Dance a hole in your shoes/ Do anything to keep you sane,” she sings in the song’s chorus.

Palomino tracklist:

  1. “Actin’ Up”
  2. “Scenes”
  3. “In His Arms”
  4. “Geraldene”
  5. “Tourist”
  6. “Music City Queen” (featuring The B-52’s)”
  7. “Strange”
  8. “Wandering Spirit”
  9. “I’ll Be Lovin’ You”
  10. “That’s What Makes the Jukebox Play”
  11. “Country Money”
  12. “If I Was a Cowboy”
  13. “Waxahachie”
  14. “Pursuit of Happiness”
  15. “Carousel”