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Wednesday is the latest hit to arrive on Netflix. Much of the show’s popularity is due to Jenna Ortega’s lead performance and the input of director Tim Burton, who shot the first four episodes of the show and also doubles as an executive producer. 

Though Emma Myers wasn’t one of the actors handpicked by Burton to star in Wednesday, she is now a fan favorite for her portrayal of Enid Sinclair, the title character’s roommate at Nevermore Academy. Myers is a young performer who audiences are still getting to know as a person. She recently made her late night debut and spoke about her adoration of the K-pop group Seventeen. 

‘Wednesday’ is Emma Myers’ biggest role to date

Actor Emma Myers poses in front oif a fence with a stylized "W" at the "Wednesday premiere.
Emma Myers attends the world premiere of Netflix’s “Wednesday” I Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Myers is only 20, but her acting career started over a decade ago. She made her on-screen debut in 2010 in the TV show The Glades as an eight-year-old. In more recent years, Myers appeared in movies like Southern Gospel (2020), A Taste of Christmas (2020), and Girl in the Basement (2021).

In Wednesday Myers plays Enid, the bright and welcoming opposite of the goth Wednesday Addams. The characters are total opposites, but eventually, become close friends. Wednesday’s personality makes her an outcast among her peers, while Enid is a werewolf who has yet to unleash her power. 

Myers’ performance is so effective that fans of Wednesday have started dreaming of a “Wenclair” romance. 

Emma Myers loves K-pop band Seventeen


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Myers appeared recently on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and took some time to spread the gospel of her favorite K-Pop band, Seventeen

Seventeen is a South Korean boy band that started releasing music in 2015. During their career, they have put out four studio albums and twelve EPs. The group has been wildly successful both at home and around the world, reportedly saving their label Pledis Entertainment from financial trouble through their projects. Seventeen are different than other idol groups because they are actively involved in the songwriting, producing, and choreography of their work.

Despite their name, there are only 13 members of Seventeen. Four prospective members dropped out of the group prior to their debut, and they justify the name now by saying the name represents the 13 artists, the three sub-units in the group (the hip-hop group, the vocal unit, and the performance unit), and the single collective they combine to create. 

Myers explained all of this during the interview and recommended the song “To You“, the first track from their 2021 EP Attacca, for beginners interested in giving them a chance. Her energy seemed to make an impression on Fallon. “You’re so charming selling this,” he said. “It is everyone’s favorite song right now.” 

This isn’t the first time Myers has gushed about Seventeen in an interview. When talking to Teen Vogue, Myers revealed that she had seen them in concert multiple times and had a fan-made sticker of member Mingyu on her iPhone (but her favorite is still Jeonghan.) “When I get into something, that is my whole personality for a very long time,” she summarized.  

‘Wednesday’ is a record-breaking success for Netflix

Wednesday made its way onto Netflix just before Thanksgiving and quickly danced its way into the hearts of millions. The first season broke the record set by the fourth season of Stranger Things for the most hours viewed in a week for an English-language Netflix series with a total 341.2 million hours. It only needed three weeks to become the second-most watched English-language Netflix series in the history of the platform, reaching an estimated 150 million households according to Variety

To the surprise of absolutely no one, season two was greenlit at the start of 2023. While Wednesday wraps up its central murder mystery, there are still enough loose threads to suggest what could be in store next for the main character. Unfortunately, we’ll probably have to wait until 2024 to see new episodes in the series.