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Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie are first cousins to Princes William and Harry. The two women’s father is Prince Andrew, who is a brother to Prince Charles. The girls have grown up in a lesser spotlight than Will and Harry, but it doesn’t mean they’ve spent their lives entirely in the dark. They’re still very well known in the United Kingdom and around the world — but how close of a relationship did these two sisters have growing up?

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie
Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

The two princesses are not working royals

The two girls don’t spend as much time in the spotlight because they’re not the daughters of the future king. They’re the nieces, so despite being looked at as royals, they’re not “important” enough to be working royals. A working royal is someone who gets paid to perform duties on behalf of the queen. Essentially, Will, Harry, and their wives are all paid to make appearances as royals. Eugenie and Beatrice were able to do what they chose as they grew up and did not need to follow strict royal rules, which allowed them more freedom to become who they wanted to be.

They’re only 21 months apart

The girls have been close since they were little — mostly because they had to be. They’re only 21 months apart, so they were constantly spending time together as children. And when their parents went through a divorce, they were by each other’s side. Prince Andrew and his former wife, Sarah Ferguson, divorced after 10 years of marriage. Sarah once said in an interview that she didn’t actually want a divorce from her husband. The two have been very civil since their split, which made it easier on the girls.

Eugenie has said her differences with her sister have made them closer growing up

Beatrice and Eugenie are not the same person, but that may be for the best. Eugenie said back in 2008, when she was just 18 years old, that she and Beatrice do things differently and have different personalities. She admitted she has a bit more of a temper than Beatrice, but both girls have always behaved well in the spotlight. She said their differences are what keep them close. Since they’re always thinking differently, they don’t get in each other’s way. 10 years later, it appears the two still have the same wonderful sibling relationship they had when they were younger.

They lived together for a while

As the two got older, their relationship only got better. Eugenie and Beatrice were able to be roommates for a while, which proves their close relationship is real. The girls shared an apartment together before Eugenie moved in with her now-husband, Jack Brooksbank. The girls lived at St. James’s Palace, so when Eugenie announced she was moving into Ivy Cottage with her husband, it meant there were big changes coming for several royal family members. However, Beatrice appears to approve of Jack, and it didn’t seem like there was any negativity surrounding the move. Now, Eugenie and Jack live next to Harry and Meghan.

Eugenie shows her sister social media love

They might be different, but the two sisters are incredibly close. Growing up just outside the spotlight gave them the ability to develop their own interests. Eugenie, one of the only royals to have an Instagram, has showed her sister social media love the same way non-royals would. She has posted throwback photos of the two from younger years as well as present day pictures, showing that they still get along beautifully.

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