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The Westworld Season 4 finale set up another new paradigm for Westworld Season 5. Whether they get to make Westworld Season 5 remains to be seen. If they do, co-creator Lisa Joy confirms it will be the final season of the show. 

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Westworld Season 4 finale.]

'Westworld' Season 5: Evan Rachel Wood holds her hands in front of her stomach
Evan Rachel Wood | John Johnson/HBO

Joy was a guest on the Script Apart podcast on Aug. 15, the day after the Westworld Season 4 finale aired. She hinted at her plans for Westworld Season 5 and hopes that HBO will green light one more.

‘Westworld’ Season 5 was always going to be the end 

Joy said that she’d always planned for Westworld Season 5 to be the conclusion. The season 4 finale showed Christina (Evan Rachel Wood) returning to a western world in Dolores’s dress, creating a new world to explore if they get to do season 5.

“We always planned for the fourth season to be the penultimate season,” Joy said on Script Apart. “So by the time the finale airs, you should hopefully understand we’re jettisoning into this new world. But, it’s a business and so I hope we have the chance to tell that story and get a fifth season because it would be really wonderful to round it out the way we always imagined. There’s also, we’ve worked with these incredible actors. It’s a chance to work with a couple of them again which would be very, very exciting.”

What ‘Westworld’ Season 5 would be about

Westworld Season 5 will be the last chance, for everybody. Robots and people will have to work out their differences, or else. 


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I think the future of the show is up to us as humans and as robots. There’s a final chance, and I do mean final, to get it right, to find a way to not self-destruct and break each other apart. But we are out of chances. This world is not meant for us any longer. We don’t get it, no one gets it, and there is a way sometimes where if we don’t fix the world, it’s true. We don’t get to live in the same world. The Earth is going to be fine but humans may not be fine. The Earth itself will survive but I’m not sure that we will in any way that’s fantastic unless we get our sh** together. Westworld is a cautionary tale and I’m hoping that we have a 5th season so we can see what the moral of the tale is.

Lisa Joy, Script Apart, 8/15/22

Saying goodbye would still be bittersweet

If Westworld Season 4 is the end, that would be unfortunate. Even if she gets to make Westworld Season 5, Joy expects letting go to be difficult. 

“It would be very sad to say goodbye to Westworld in part because I love my collaborators so much,” Joy said. “I’m always looking for ways to work with my actors and crew again. So far we’ve been able to go on a lot of journeys with familiar faces. The other stuff, the emotional stuff and loss that comes from rounding out a project, on the one hand I think finishing it up the way we intended will be very satisfying, but I better keep working immediately afterwards or else I’m going to have some sort of mental postpartum breakdown creatively speaking.”