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Jazz Jennings | Jazz Jennings Instagram

As a transgender girl, Jazz Jennings from I Am Jazz had even more trouble finding bras than most teen girls. She told Teen Vogue that some transgender teen girls may feel left out of the bra shopping milestone. “I feel like so many people invalidate the experience of transgender girls thinking that they aren’t regular girls, but I am a normal girl. I have boobs, too, and I need to wear bras as well,” she said.

And while she initially just raided her big sister’s closet for bras, she explains that bras for teens need to have certain characteristics. “Bras should be comfortable. I hate when you have all those bras with all that wiring that poke into your ribs and you take it off at the end of the day and it feels good. It shouldn’t feel good to take off your bra at the end of the day. It should be something that feels good throughout the day.”

As a result, Jennings, along with other teen activists, teamed up to create bra line, Knixteen offered by Knix. So why did she work with this company and what kind of bra did she design?

This is why she liked Knix

Although Jennings could work with any clothing company, she chose Knix for a reason. “The idea of being comfortable and stylish is what Knix aligns with,” she told Teen Vogue. “They are very appealing to all women because they give you that support but they are also very easy to wear. We’re going to create a bra that really appeals to everyone.”

Jennings adds in a separate Teen Vogue interview that Knix aligns with her attitude toward diversity. “I also really appreciate the diversity and inclusivity that the company offers to all of its customers. By welcoming someone transgender onto their team they are spreading a message of acceptance, equality and the power of being your authentic self.”

What is Jennings’ bra like?

The Knixteen line is comprised of teen leaders who design their idea of the perfect teen bra. Part of the BraBoss campaign, baseball player Mo’ne Davis, actress Bailee Madison, digital creator Fiona Frills, and writer, Jessica Universe joined Jennings in the initiative.

Jennings creation comes in her signature purple color with some cool tie-dye flavors. “Between the different shades of purple and the tie-dye [and] water design, I just feel like it totally represents me,” she told Teen Vogue. “The bra is inspired by my love of mermaids, creativity, and all things tie-dye, and the pattern of the bra along with the scallop trimming truly embodies that,” she explains. “It’s constructed from moisture-wicking fabric and is completely underwire-free.”

She also posted on Instagram about her new bra too. She shows how the bra is packaged, which includes a special message from Jennings to the buyer. Also, she adds her dislike of underwires, which was why Jennings stopped wearing bras in the first place. Instead of an underwire, the stretchy material underneath offers support but is not uncomfortable. Jennings’ bra currently retails for $28.

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