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Shep Rose | Shep Rose Instagram

When Shep Rose from Southern Charm has some downtime he takes to Twitter to get a rise out of Trump fans. He admits to posting anything he thinks that will set people off to see what happens. And fans are eating it up.

Like many people in the public eye, Rose receives his share of online hate and social media trolls. So, one Twitter follower asked him, “How do you deal with the trolls and other negative feedback? (This is a serious question).” To which Rose responded. “Deal with? Listen, i obviously make some people very upset (they call it triggered, i suppose) but to me it’s tremendously amusing. I like it. If I’m bored, i just lob a anti-trump tweet and sit back and laugh. The triggered folks are so easy to provoke. It’s great fun.”

He ‘lobs’ plenty of Trump tweets

Rose must be experiencing quite a bit of downtime as he has been on fire lately. Most recently Rose tweeted, “Spin THIS Trump people! Did anyone really think there wasn’t stories like this and way worse floating around? He’s a bad guy and a habitual liar. You’d have to be extremely naive and/or willfully ignorant to think otherwise.”

And he got exactly what he wanted. “If you weren’t a spoiled rich drunk you might actually realize there are more jobs, economy is on the rise, and our Military is benefiting. So much disrespect from you, live in another country and work! You would realize the USA is being great again!” one follower responded. And while a few clapped back at Rose, several agreed with him.

One follower became angry and tweeted, “Sad little boy I am going 2 QUIT watching Southern Charm because of u If it doesn’t get cx on its own 2 get a kick out of hurting others That’s just sadistic U can be taken down a notch All that drinking u do can cause permanent damage Money can’t buy u out of a death sentence.” Unphased Rose simply wrote, “Deborah Sue?! No way! This is like central casting for a Trump rally. Too good. Also, very impressed by your inexplicable use of nonsensical abbreviations! p.s. – quit watching. Your patronage means nothing to me.” Needless to say, Rose likely amused himself with the ruckus he caused from the tweet.

But most of his fans are in on the joke

Some followers told Rose he shouldn’t be alienating people because they won’t watch his show. And he responded in the most hilarious way. “And yes, we need viewers, but i doubt you’re the kind that advertisers fight over. Unless it’s zebra cakes, chicklets or monster energy.” Tweets about zebra cakes followed. “LEAVE ZEBRA CAKES OUT OF IT.”

In the same thread, one follower wrote that Rose tweets about her two guilty pleasures. “I love that @ShepRose tweets about my two favorite subjects: trump failure and bravo shows.” Which received a string of fans in full agreement. “ME 2, MY FAVORITE TOPICS.”

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