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Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are reportedly getting more serious with their relationship. The two neighbors have claimed to only be friends, but other sources say they have been getting closer since Kourtney became single. Kourtney and her love life is often well-known given her family’s business, but Barker typically stays out of the spotlight. Let’s take a quick look at who the drummer has dated over the years.

Musical success and broken marriages

In the years before Barker was linked to Kardashian, his love life was almost as spectacular as the plane crash that came this close to ending his life back in 2008. Since breaking big with his band, Blink 182, Barker’s been seen with numerous pretty women. In fact, he married two of them.

As the 21st century opened, Barker embarked on a two-year relationship with Melissa Kennedy. The pair tied the knot around halfway through the affair, but divorced after a short nine-month marriage.

It didn’t take Barker long to start a new love relationship after splitting up with Kennedy. Former Miss USA title holder, Shanna Moakler, caught his attention within months. During the early days of their relationship, Moakler became pregnant and gave birth to Landon Asher Barker on October 9, 2003. The next year, Barker reportedly paid off a Disneyland employee so he and Moakler could enjoy the famous Haunted Mansion ride by themselves. According to College Candy, that’s where and when Barker got down on one knee and popped the question.

On the day before Halloween 2004, Moakler and Barker were wed in an offbeat, Nightmare Before Christmas-themed ceremony. Fourteen months later, the couple welcomed their second child, Alabama Luella Barker. During the course of their abbreviated marriage, the Barkers appeared on their own reality TV show, Meet The Barkers. The show came to an end in the summer of 2006, and so did the marriage. Barker and his ex-wife played the on-again-off-again game for a few years before finally throwing in the towel altogether.

The heiress

While Moakler and Barker were in an off phase, Barker had a fling with hotel heiress, Paris Hilton. Wind of the relationship got back to Moakler who at one point allegedly assaulted Hilton at a Los Angeles nightclub. Moakler denied the allegations.

Another beauty queen

Later in 2006, Barker got himself entangled with another Miss USA winner, Tara Conner. After the tiara-wearing beauty pageant princess was caught in a lip lock with another Miss USA contestant, Katie Blair, Barker’s main squeeze was evicted from her apartment at Trump Place.

And an actress

In 2007, while still ostensibly dating Conner, Barker became infatuated with troubled starlet, Lindsay Lohan. Paparazzi snapped pics of the pair, but Barker denied that they ever did more than smooch a few times.

What happened with us was so innocent. We kissed, we made out one night in a club full of people like children.

For several years, Barker managed to keep his romances off the radar. That came to a crashing halt, however, when he collided with songstress Rita Ora at a charity basketball game in 2015. Barker called the singer ‘stunning’ and ‘a sweetheart’ but the relationship was short lived.

Of course, Kardashian’s had plenty of romances herself. Since coming of age on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the brunette bombshell has been seen with the likes of Scott Disdik, David Dee Duron, and Liam Payne of the boy band, New Direction.